How to Handle Dating When You Have HSV

Posted by andywang on Oct 22, 2019
An initial diagnosis of genital herpes may leave you feeling unsure about your future romantic prospects. How can you date someone when you have a disease that you could potentially pass to them? It seems unfair and more than a little frightening. Your choices include so much more than living a lonely life of celibacy, however. Learning how to handle HSV dating can be fun, freeing, and lead to a beautiful lifelong relationship if that’s what you want. HSV Singles: How to Handle the Diagnosis First, understand that a herpes diagnosis is not a judgement about your moral character or whether you deserve romance and love or not. One in five people are affected by herpes in their life, so it is hardly any great stigma these days. When you reveal your diagnosis to a potential partner, yo...more>>

Living With Herpes: Long-Term Dating Advice You Need

Posted by andywang on Oct 08, 2019
When you find that special someone you want to see again after a great first date, planning for long-term dating takes on a different feel if you have genital herpes. The most important thing to remember is that a positive diagnosis does not destroy your chance at a great dating life or loving relationships, even though it may feel that way at first. These tips will help you understand how herpes dating is not as challenging as you might think. Communication Key With HSB Dating Herpes singles need to learn how to share their diagnosis with potential sexual partners before they get more deeply involved. If you have dated multiple people in the past, you understand the possible trouble that arises after the revelation. Some may reject you outright. This possibility is smaller if you...more>>

Herpes dating isn't easy, especially when you have HSV-2

Posted by andywang on Sep 14, 2019
Dating with herpes presents many challenges on top of all the usual struggles to find a compatible partner. Before you get intimate, you have to tell the other person you have HSV-2, and you probably understand all the fear and worry that comes with it. If you have gone through the process of STD dating before, you undoubtedly know all about the rejection that often follows. Have All the Facts About Herpes Dating Before you reveal your diagnosis, gather all the important facts about what it means to have herpes. This includes information about how contagious it is, how it affects your life, and any precautions you have to take while in a relationship. If you present this to your potential sexual partner in clear, non-dramatic language, they are much more likely to accept it calmly...more>>

Is it worth it to try using Herpes dating sites after living with Genital Herpes?

Posted by andywang on Sep 10, 2019
When you are first diagnosed with genital herpes, it can be a very scary experience. Since genital herpes has no cure once you contract it, you’re forced to live with this virus and its symptoms for the rest of your life. This can have a profound effect on your daily life, especially your dating life. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease which causes your genitals to develop sores and pain. These symptoms are often inconsistent and will reoccur throughout the course of your life after you’ve contracted the virus. The only thing that you can do is treat the symptoms with antiviral medications, but that won’t stop someone else from contracting the virus if you have sex with them. If you want to build a relationship with someone that is based on trust, then you are exp...more>>

Dating Someone With Herpes (HSV-1, HSV-2) at

Posted by andywang on May 25, 2019
Let’s face it, dating can be one or the other, a daunting task or the time of your life! Maybe, you’re newly single and can’t wait to get back out there and see who you have been missing out on. Or maybe you have been single for years and you’re totally over it. Regardless of how you feel or where you start from it’s the same song and dance. You meet someone, plan on a date or time, meet up, have fun and then wonder if you’ll go out with them again. Sound familiar? Ok, so now let’s add having herpes and herpes dating to the picture. You might be thinking, when does this little conversation that’s a huge deal happen. Does it happen before, during or after the date? This uneasiness alone can stop people from dating. Let’s face it, dating can be scary and now adding herpes to the mix...more>>

Black Herpes Dating Site, Meet Black People with Herpes

Posted by andywang on Mar 20, 2019
Many people who have herpes are familiar with the singer Usher and his battle and lawsuits. He, on more than one occasion, infected various women with the herpes virus and has paid out millions in restitution to the same. According to studies from the National Institute of Health, the largest population of people in the United States with the herpes virus are non-Hispanic blacks. There are, by the study, several factors taking this fact into account including lack of healthcare, failure to complete a high school education and geographical location, specifically the Midwest and South. Herpes prevalence within the black community can be a serious cause for concern because of the lack of proper diagnosis. There are reports of people who do not show signs and symptoms being carrie...more>>

How to Meet People with Herpes

Posted by andywang on Mar 13, 2019
Dating is difficult enough, but when you suffer from an STD like herpes, the dating scene becomes not only more difficult but means a much shallower pool to select from. Most people who have genital herpes are very upfront and honest about the fact with their potential partners. Granted, there are some who will judge because of the disease, but there is one very important fact to remember: You are not the disease. You are a person, first and foremost. Sadly, people will get caught up in this fact and treat you like a second class citizen. Consider: Is this person who is judging you based on a disease really worth your time, effort and attraction? It is something that needs to be taken into mind when you are looking to find that perfect someone. This is why it is so much e...more>>

Top Herpes Dating sites in New York

Posted by andywang on Mar 12, 2019
When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), herpes is the one that is perhaps the vaguest in terms of getting a handle on the number of people who are infected. There are two main types of herpes – HPV 1 and HPV 2 – with both the mouth and genitals affected by sores with these recurring diseases. It’s a disease which will stay with you for life once you get it, but there are periods where it will lay dormant followed by outbreak periods, some of which can be severe. The good news is that having herpes does not mean the end of dating or your sex life, especially with herpes dating sites now available online to help people connect. If you live in New York and want to become part of the herpes dating scene, there are several different options available to you. For the purpos...more>>

Threesome Dating with Herpes

Posted by andywang on Feb 21, 2019
With online dating and apps like Tinder now making it easier than ever before to find a willing sexual partner, we are now in a time where people are a lot more open about their preferences. Sex, and the kinks that sometimes come along with it, are not so stigmatized anymore, as we are in a bit of a sexual revolution that has been heralded in via the mobile age. As such, the average person is now more willing than ever to speak up about what they want, which for many means trying to use these websites and apps to find a threesome. Now, if you have genital herpes or are interesting in engaging in threesome dating with someone who does, there are probably some questions that you will want answered before jumping into your new sexual adventure. The most common question here is whether yo...more>>

The right way to cope with dating once you have the herpes virus

Posted by alexwang8093 on Jan 18, 2019
Your dating life doesn’t come to an end just because you have the herpes virus. You can still have an active dating life and even become married. There’s not a single good reason why it can’t happen. Here we’ll give you some dating tips that are vital for anyone with herpes. You can and should continue dating if you have herpes. Nothing should stop you from finding the love that your heart desires. Having herpes just means you have to do things a little differently. It’s possible to find others with herpes You may think you’re the only person in your city who has herpes. If you believe that, then you’re greatly mistaken. Herpes is quite common, and many people in the United States have it. Both guys and gals equally have it and that means no one should have a problem finding dates. Dat...more>>

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