• How to Share STD Status With Your Dating Partner Posted by Admin on Nov 11, 2018

    How to Share STD Status With Our Dating Partner?

    It is crucial that you inform your dating partner because they are supposed to know they are at risk of getting infected. But get tested first. Then get prepared about the disease and cautions about dating. And before have sex while dating, it is most important to confirm the STD status with your dating partner. Ask and get STD tested are recommended. Tell them your story and talk about prevention methods could greatly help with your relationship. Blame is meaningless. 

    First, Get Tested

    Having a sexually transmitted disease (STD) not only affects the body but also puts a strain on the infected individual emotionally. A lot of STDs are curable and those that cannot be cured get treated such as HIV/AIDs and herpes. Nonetheless, STDs need to be treated for them to go away otherwise they are capable of causing permanent problems to the patient’s body. STD dating is at risk and that is why communication is important so as to know the way forward.

    The need to talk about your status with your partner

    When you test positive for STDs, it is crucial that you inform your partner because they are supposed to know they are at risk of getting infected. There is a risk you might lose them or they may get angry, however, it is a risk you have to take. You need to inform your partner about the type of STD you are infected with e.g. gonorrhea, secondly, you should tell them how you got infected for instance you got it from another infected partner. Thirdly, you should inform your partner about how STDs are spread, STDs mostly spread through contact with body fluids of infected individuals such as semen or vaginal fluids. Additionally, getting in contact with infected skin or mucous membranes may lead to infection. This information will be the basis of how you carry on with your relationship, like whether you will continue being with each other or not.  

     Why should we tell our dating partner our STD status?

    • First and foremost, it is illegal to not inform your partner about your STD status in some states
    • If not treated early, some STDs can affect the fertility of an individual
    • In some cases, some STDs are life-threatening particularly when they are not identified and treated.
    • When an infected person gets treated while his/her partner doesn’t, it might result in reinfection.
    • Informing a potential partner will help them in making informed decisions such as taking steps to avoid infection so as to protect their health.
    • You will be giving a former or present partner a chance to check whether they are okay or also infected.

     How to confirm they accept it before saying”I’m STD positive, but continue to go dating with me”?

    After telling your partner about your condition, the most important thing that you can do is listening to what to say regarding what they are concerned about, their fears and also make sure to tell them about the symptoms. In case you and your partner are participating in sexual intercourse, you are required to stop until you see a medical practitioner to know the way forward because dating with STD can be dangerous to both of you.

    How to require them to share STD status with us?

    When you see that your relationship is about to head to the next level, that is having sexual relations, it is important that you know their sexual history too, so here are the ways to do it.  

    • Ask

    Do not be afraid to ask the question, just be straight up with your partner and see what happens next. Research shows that many people have a tendency to lie especially when you are engaging in casual sex, however, others can tell you the truth. However, getting an honest answer does not mean you are 100% safe because sometimes a person can be infected without knowing.   

    • Get tested

    Getting tested and sharing it with your partner will make the partner tell you the truth in return because you are showing them that they can trust you.

    • Tell them your story

    You should also tell your partner about your health history so that they may know and find a way of handling the situation, particularly in cases where you have diseases such as HIV/AIDs as well as Herpes which never get fully treated.

    • Talk about prevention methods

    To prevent future infection, you can get vaccinated for diseases such as HPV (human papillomavirus), in addition to using condoms. You and your partner should also agree on family planning methods, using condoms is the safest way of preventing STDs before fully knowing both your STD status.

    • Do not blame

    When you discover later on that you have been infected with an STD, it is important that you do not place blame; some people can be malicious and intentionally infect others, in such cases, it is critical that you get cured and be more careful next time.

  • Why People Just Diagnosed Positive Most Need STD Dating Sites Posted by Admin on Nov 05, 2018

    STD dating sites makes newly diagnosed singles relax and love again

    Depression is what most newly diagnosed people feel. What do they need most is love and support without STD stigma. STD dating site offers a free and released space to recover from STD depression.

    If you have just been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease (STD), it is obvious you will spend a lot of time trying to figure out your next move. Some of the STDs do not immediately show signs and thus if you have a partner, it may be relatively hard to figure out whether or not you should let them know about it or not. Also, you do not have the slightest idea on how your partner of your family members will take it if you actually decide to break the news to them.

    Newly diagnosed people experience a mixture of feelings, bad feelings, after realizing that they are suffering from a health condition that might or might not be cured and may distance them from their loved ones. First, such individuals are at first shocked at the news. For instanc3e, say you were just in one of your normal health checkups and your doctor diagnoses you with gonorrhea. You will be obviously shocked since you did not expect it.

    Additionally, some newly diagnosed STD patients actually fall into depression. The news and the existence of the disease may affect the normal way in which they think and even act. Fear comes in when a newly diagnosed individual does not know what to do next or even have the slightest idea of what will happen next. In some instances, an individual more so a family member or a spouse is likely to feel lonely since they feel alienated from the rest of the normal people; those who are not suffering from the similar disease.

    Given the things that newly diagnosed people go through especially before they really take in and accept their new conditions, they obviously need company from friends and even lovers. It is therefore important to seek the company of family members or close friends after the diagnosis. As for the other people, we should know better than to exempt STD patients from the normal community operations. We should accept them and offer them all the support that they need. This way, they will be less likely to suffer depression and being in the company of people, they will no longer be lonely.

    Finding a lover and going on to date is also among the things that these individuals need most. However, dating with STD is not particularly easy. I mean, no one wants to get hooked up with someone who has an STD, right? The availability of STD dating sites has been of great help to these individuals since now they can be able to find someone to relate to and share their stories with. The aspect of loneliness id thus eliminated successfully. Before being allowed to contact anyone else on the dating sites, you have to first comply by filling a profile completely.

    Dating sites for people who have been diagnosed with STD offers numerous services to help them in the acceptance process and enable them to lead back to a rather normal life. These STD dating sites are free to register and browse and they also provide useful free information support to the users. The fact that they are freely available means that they are available to most of the people that need them. The free information could include such details as the best ways to protect yourself from further secondary infections and the best ways to be open and accepting the diseases. After the diagnosis, the healing process is more important. They are also able to read information on how other people in a similar predicament have in the past have been able to overcome the diagnosis. From the website, you can find a lover and even start dating and lead a relatively normal life thereafter. A good thing with having a partner who totally relates to your disease is that you will not have to keep it as a secret from them or even have to carry the burden of keeping it inside you.