Sexlife, dating, and herpes: some inspiring tips

Posted by alexwang8093 on May 15, 2018
Dating a partner with Herpes: be loyal and honest Being in a relationship with someone infected with herpes can be of a challenge. It is only for the other partner to decide if he/she can live with the idea of it or not. A major problem is when a couple decides to take the relation on to another level and introduce sex in it. A good thing is to let the partner know about your condition before sex. In a dilemma of the disease, you should give your partner a lot of encouragement and hope in life. You should ensure your affected couple gets treatment before it gets worse. The couple also should be educated on the herpes basic knowledge. If in case of a sexual contact protective should be used even though it won’t stop the whole virus. It should not be the one of a stepping stone on the jou...more>>

Celebrities With Herpes: Liza Minnelli

Posted by alexwang8093 on May 10, 2018
It is a general fallacy for celebrities and the < a href="">famous people are not prone to hazards of life like every other people. This is not the fact as celebrities are like all other human beings and hence vulnerable to as everyone else.  Any sexually active person is prone to STD infections and this is not different to Liza Minnelli who also suffered from genital herpes. Liza was born on March 12, 1946, in Holly-hood, California in the United States of America. Not only does she act and sing she is also a famous dancer. Dating life of Liza Minnelli Liza Minnelli is both an American actress and a singer. Her dating life has been so complicated she has been involved with around many men including Peter Allen in the year 19...more>>

Typical HSV-2 symptoms for women

Posted by alexwang8093 on May 07, 2018
Much has been said about the complex issue of HSV-2. Many women around the world are facing this complicated challenge. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 25% of women have genital herpes and most of them are not aware that they have it because it is often asymptomatic. However, in order to better understand this STD, it is important to analyze the typical HSV-2 symptoms for women. The First Symptom of Herpes The first and foremost is the symptom where there are no symptoms. Although it may sound weird and illogical, the clinical studies have shown that most women infected with HSV-2 are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms that usually go unnoticed or are mistaken for some minor skin irritation. Women that have herpes virus may have no outbreaks ...more>>

Herpes and shingles: two flowers in a single branch?

Posted by alexwang8093 on May 07, 2018
Herpes and shingles: two flowers in a single branch? Much have been said about the influence of dating someone with herpes. However, the issue of shingles is something that is not a topic that is very common in today’s health world. Yet, this has the similar effects on the human body and the overall perception of the people. In order to better understand the similarity of the shingles and herpes, it is important to explore the basics about this two relatively similar issues. Shingles Shingles are form of viral infection that can cause a painful rash. Similar as the herpes, shingles can develop anywhere on your body. However, in most cases patients shingles appear as a single stripe of blisters that wraps around either the left or the right side of the torso. Based on the...more>>

Does everyone have herpes? The answer surprises

Posted by alexwang8093 on Apr 16, 2018
The challenge of STD The challenge of STD represents a complex issue for which many people do not have enough information. However, there are many that are facing this reality on a daily basis. According to the World Health Organizations two-thirds of the planet’s population under 50 lives with HSV-1, the strain of herpes that can be transmitted without penetrative sex. Moreover, approximately 80% of people with herpes are not aware that they have it. The ones that are aware, often face stigmas and stereotypes from other people in the society. That is why it is imperative to understand that this controversial issue should not discourage meeting HSV singles or people with herpes. In this article, we will analyze the widespread of herpes and how HSV singles can engage in dating and netw...more>>

Usher & Herpes: Dating, Transmission, & facts

Posted by alexwang8093 on Apr 12, 2018
Last year the public was bombarded with the news that a barrage of lawsuits accusing the superstar Usher of deliberately spreading herpes to different women and even a man. Before continue reading the news, it might be interesting to note that herpes is actually a quite common disease. It is estimated that about 40 to 60 million people in the United States alone are infected with HSV-2 herpes with about 1 to 2 million new infections each year which results in about 600 to 800 clinical cases yearly. HSV-2 is said to have a prevalence rate varying from 2 to 74% in developing countries with a correlation to the prevalence of HIV. Now these are just statistics for the less common HSV-2. Imagine how the prevalence of the more common HSV-1 would be. Now let’s answer the questions. What...more>>

7 useful tips to tell someone that you have herpes

Posted by alexwang8093 on Mar 14, 2018
Breaking the news regarding your HSV/HIV to your family or significant other is never easy. It takes a lot of strength and courage to go about it. Initially, you might have many questions and  this article and our previous post of “Tell Your Friends that You Have Herpes” will help answer those HSV singles and ease your mind regarding the situation; Why is it important to tell someonePeople who have herpes are legally advised to disclose this information to any of the family members or people who might be at risk of transmit it and hence have the right to know. It’s a very personal thing - with herpes virus infected you need to protect your privacy as well. Therefore, any person, who is not likely to be infected, does not need to know. How to break the news .  The disease has been much...more>>

Herpes Monkeys in Florida State Park: cautions, transmit, and the disease

Posted by alexwang8093 on Feb 21, 2018
Monkeys in Florida Park It is a public warning to avoid touching any monkey at the park or any public places in Florida. It looks like pretty necessary but useful information, particularly today that scientists have discovered that over a quarter of those cute, feral invaders take the deadly herpes B virus. These macaques can be witnessed wandering the area adjacent to the park. It can cause a severe disease in people that if untreated may be fatal in over 70% of the scenarios, inducing an encephalomyelitis. Scientists are analyzing an increase of rhesus monkeys in Silver Springs State Park state. It is suspected that monkeys are carrying herpes virus which can cause severe health and security problems for the human health as well as the animals of the park. From a healthcare pers...more>>

How long can Herpes live on surfaces

Posted by alexwang8093 on Feb 11, 2018
HSV isn’t everywhere, but still common Herpes is a very common viruѕ thаt саuѕеѕ ѕоrеѕ on уоur gеnitаlѕ аnd/оr mоuth. Hеrреѕ is not lifе threatening and usually doesn't lead tо any lоng tеrm ѕеriоuѕ health рrоblеmѕ. Thiѕ viruѕ аffесtѕ thе еxtеrnаl genitalia, аnаl rеgiоn, muсоѕаl ѕurfасеѕ, and ѕkin in оthеr раrtѕ of the body. Thеrе are twо tуреѕ of herpes ѕimрlеx viruѕеѕ, HSV-1 (hеrреѕ tуре 1, оr оrаl hеrреѕ) аnd HSV-2 (hеrреѕ type 2, or gеnitаl herpes). Mоrе thаn 50% оf реорlе in thе United States hаvе HSV-1 аnd around 15.5% оf реорlе in thе US аgеd 14-49 hаvе HSV-2. Sо, most likеlу уоu knоw a few ,реорlе with herpes. Cold sores virus could live several hours outside body Herpes viruses frоm соld sores аrоund thе mоuth саn ѕurvivе fоr twо hоurѕ on thе skin. If you hаv...more>>

Herpes on lip: things you need to know before kissing

Posted by alexwang8093 on Feb 01, 2018
HSV-1 is generally transferred from one person to another by kissing.... HSV-2 is usually transferred by vaginal intercourse or anal intercourse. HSV-1 may inviate the genitals and trigger symptoms of genital herpes. HSV-2 could transfer from a person's genitals to a persons lips if oral herpes occurs. The transfer-before you kiss There may be a modest likelihood that herpes simplex virus I or II (the categories that commonly lead to cold sores or genital skin lesions, respectively) might end up being passed whenever lesions/sores are not existing. This can be theoretical solely as it would be complicated to confirm this genuinely occurs. It is actually reasonable that affected individuals "shed" the viral strain (which means the virus is generally passed on) with no signs and ...more>>

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