Herpes dating isn't easy, especially when you have HSV-2

Posted by andywang on Sep 14, 2019

herpes dating

Dating with herpes presents many challenges on top of all the usual struggles to find a compatible partner. Before you get intimate, you have to tell the other person you have HSV-2, and you probably understand all the fear and worry that comes with it. If you have gone through the process of STD dating before, you undoubtedly know all about the rejection that often follows.

Have All the Facts About Herpes Dating

Before you reveal your diagnosis, gather all the important facts about what it means to have herpes. This includes information about how contagious it is, how it affects your life, and any precautions you have to take while in a relationship. If you present this to your potential sexual partner in clear, non-dramatic language, they are much more likely to accept it calmly.

Tell them in private to spare any potential embarrassment. The last thing you want is someone blurting out, "You have herpes?!" in the middle of a restaurant. Tell them well before you begin getting intimate. Never put pressure on the other person to respond in any particular way. Express your respect for their reactions, give them all the necessary information about how herpes affects your life, but do not present a scientific speech if they do not ask questions.

One of the most important things to do if you have a herpes diagnosis is to take all necessary medications as directed by your physician. This way, you can tell your partner that you are doing everything possible to be responsible and protect both of you from potentially unpleasant problems.

You should prepare as much as possible for them to see genital herpes dating as a deal-breaker, however. Despite the fact that HSV is very prevalent throughout the adult population, plenty of people do not want to take the risk as soon as they know the person they are thinking about sleeping with has an STD. That is their prerogative.

Consider HSV Dating to Decrease Rejection

Misconceptions abound about genital herpes dating and how positive test results can affect your ability to ever have another intimate relationship in the future. Although disclosure still matters in all cases, you might consider trying to meet people with herpes to increase the possibility of understanding and acceptance. Sites that cater to STD dating allow you to search by diagnosis and find many other people with the same challenges as you.

HSV singles have to go through the process of telling their partners again and again about their herpes diagnosis. The challenge to reveal this unpleasant truth comes with a lot of difficulty and anxiety over how the other person will react. While some will reject you immediately, others may value your relationship enough to educate themselves and learn about how to move forward. With genital herpes dating opportunities found online, you can increase your chances of a happy ever after.

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