Anthony Nicola: Distinguished Professor of Infectious Diseases, Leading the Charge Against Herpes

Posted by andywang on May 05, 2021

You will be surprised to know that 90% of the people you meet, interact with, and even share a burger with daily are carriers of one or both strains of the Herpes Simplex virus. The Herpes virus is a pathogen with a global reach capable of causing genital and oral infections, blindness, encephalitis, and neonatal infections.

An alarming percentage of the world population do not have the faintest idea that they are carriers and go about spreading the virus to others. This makes herpes a deadline infectious disease but thanks to the work of Professor Anthony Nicola the world is a step closer to developing a cure for the previously considered evasive virus.

You must at this juncture be perturbed with the question, who is this one man whose research has saved the lives of many and will go on to save a thousand more? I guess you are about to find out.

Educational Background.

Anthony Nicola began his journey to greatness with a bachelor's degree from Drew University. He moved to the University of Pennsylvania for his Ph.D. In his drive to deeply understand infectious diseases, he soon found himself in Yale University and from there to the Swiss federal institute of technology for post-doctoral studies.

Now he is a renowned professor of infectious diseases and a leading expert in the charge against Herpes.

Professor Anthony Nicola's Career.

Hard work combined with consistent results took prof. Anthony Nicola to the map as an expert on all things herpes. His work in the Washington State University department of microbiology and pathology has helped scientists to understand how the illusive herpes virus gains access to the host’s immune system.

He has spent the last 20 years studying the herpes virus. According to the professor, it’s his long-term goal that his lab understands the molecular processes through which HSV infects the host cells, an understanding of the initial interaction between the HSV and the host cell will help in the development of antiviral drugs.

He is an associate editor for the Virology Journal, a guest associate editor of Plos pathogens. He is a section editor in the current microbiological reports, the Lead editor for advances in virology and he is a member of the editorial board for Virology Journal.


The contributions Anthony Nicola has made to the field of infectious disease can not be underestimated. He is credited with unraveling how the tricky microbe takes control of the cells. He has just recently been awarded a grant of $1.9 million by the national institute of health for the groundbreaking work he is doing.

Final Thoughts.

Two key factors have helped professor Anthony Nicola achieve credibility as the go-to man for all things Herpes and STDs: his decisiveness and hard work. A decisive situation calls for decisive measures and the war against the Herpes virus needs a man of great focus and determination.

Professor Anthony Nicola is that man and he is very knowledgeable in the field of infectious diseases and the wealth of experience he has gathered for over 20 years makes him the perfect fit for the job of saving humanity from the deadly and silent killer, Herpes.

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