• Herpes and shingles: two flowers in a single branch? Posted by Admin on May 07, 2018

    Herpes and shingles: two flowers in a single branch?

    Much have been said about the influence of dating someone with herpes. However, the issue of shingles is something that is not a topic that is very common in today’s health world. Yet, this has the similar effects on the human body and the overall perception of the people. In order to better understand the similarity of the shingles and herpes, it is important to explore the basics about this two relatively similar issues.


    Shingles are form of viral infection that can cause a painful rash. Similar as the herpes, shingles can develop anywhere on your body. However, in most cases patients shingles appear as a single stripe of blisters that wraps around either the left or the right side of the torso. Based on the present medical studies, shingles is by the varicella-zoster virus. This element is the same that causes chickenpox. Many people tend to suffer from chickenpox during the early age, yet the virus stays into the spinal cord and brain which can prompt an activation of the virus years later, and the result is the occurrence of shingles. 


    On the other side, herpes also known as Herpes Simplex, is a contagious sexually transmitted disease that is usually during sexual intimacy. The signs and symptoms are usually slow to appear and may take up to two weeks prior to the first symptoms occurrence. However, after contacting people with herpes, it may take months or years before developing some of the symptoms. The virus tends to stay in the human body and its appearance is closely related to the person overall health condition, age and the immune system.

    Herpes vs. Shingles – A Comparative Analysis

    Nevertheless, the ultimate question is what these two elements have in common.
    There are various researches and medical studies have defined shingles and herpes as being two different diagnoses. However, they belong to the same branch as they share the same family of viruses, wherein the herpes virus. This is the basic similarity between the two elements.

    Both viruses, herpes, and shingles stay in the person for a lifetime. Both viruses share a similar pattern which is closely related to the appearance of the symptoms. To be more specific, herpes and shingles can stay inactive for long periods of time and can develop or show symptoms after long periods of months and possibly years. Moreover, herpes and shingles share a common symptom and that is fever, headache or just a feeling of general discomfort. Furthermore, these two viruses can implicate certain skin irritation such as skin rash and blisters. These are all important aspects, as it may confuse many affected people. They may think that they have herpes symptoms, when in fact it is shingles and vice versa.

    Based on the findings, we can safely conclude that these two viruses are viral and that have some similarities and shared symptoms. That is why it is imperative to consult with the health specialist in order to determine which virus is present in the body system in order to get the proper medication.

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