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Dating As An STD-Positive Single Parent

Most people will tell you that dating as a single parent isn’t easy. Whether you’re a single dad or a single mom, the topic of your family is almost always an awkward discussion. When you add an STD to the mix, it is only that much more difficult to find the one. Positive Singles was a website designed to make STD dating easy. In this post, we will discuss how Positive Singles can help STD-positive dating as a single parent easy.

The Struggle of Dating As A Single Parent

Parenting isn’t easy, particularly when you have to do it alone. You spend your days and nights caring for your kids and hoping that you will eventually get a break, but a good break can be hard to come by. For plenty of single parents, finding the time to date can be hard. This means that you don’t want to waste any time on bad dates.

Even if you are ready to find love, there is the matter of your children. Single moms and single dads know the struggle of disclosing the fact that you are a mom or dad. In many cases, it can be a dealbreaker, which is always disheartening. Positive Singles is a website that is designed to help everyone be more open and honest about what they bring to the table. Single parent dating isn’t hard because everyone already knows that with you, they might also be greeting a great kid or two!

Dating While STD-Positive

In the same way that you have to disclose that you have a kid, telling a potential partner about your STD-positive status can be a hard talk. STD dating can feel impossible. HIV dating, herpes dating, and other STD types of dating are commonly searched terms. Why? Because they reflect the reality that many people face.

Instead of going on a basic dating site and waiting for that moment where you tell them the truth about having an STD, skip the struggle. At Positive Singles, you can talk with like-minded individuals who understand what it is like to date while having an STD.

Dating As An STD-Positive Single Parent

Positive Singles was made to make STD dating and single parent dating easy. You can be completely upfront with the people that you talk with and know that they won’t react poorly. It makes it easy to be honest about the fact that you’re an STD-positive single parent. Since these details will already be known, there is no big awkward talk. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. You can just focus on love.


Everyone has something that holds them back from dating, but we all deserve to find our soulmates. Positive Singles was made to help people stop having to explain themselves. On our website, the people you chat with already know the truth, and they’re just fine with it. If you are a single parent looking to get back into the dating game, why not aim for a dating site with a more positive attitude? You might just be surprised to find that love is right around the corner!