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How to Tell Someone You Have an STD Anonymously

Having an STD can make dating life extremely difficult. Not only must you deal with your symptoms on a day-to-day basis, but breaking the news to a potential partner can be tremendously nerve-wracking. Sharing such a personal, intimate thing about yourself takes courage. For most people, this can cause unbearable stress and anxiety, which leads to them avoiding sharing the news for as long as possible (if they share the news at all).

Ultimately, however, your potential partner needs to know about your STD. Quite obviously, it is absolutely critical to break the news before you engage in sexual relations with your partner.

But how do you do this? While it may be somewhat unconventional, there is another way besides sitting down with your potential partner and breaking the news about your STD. Specifically, you may want to consider breaking the news anonymously.

How do you do this? One of the best ways is to use a platform like Positive Singles. A platform like ours can be just the thing that can ease your anxiety, reduce your stress, and allow you to connect with others with STDs. In other words, our platform can help take some of the pressure off of you when trying to date or develop a relationship with an STD.

The Value of Anonymous Disclosure

We designed our platform to eliminate much of the awkwardness that occurs when sharing your health history with a potential partner. In fact, there is some inherent value in anonymously disclosing the STDs that you have.

The most significant value is that anonymity creates the perfect conditions for full disclosure. Our platform, which welcomes users with any type of STD, lets you keep your personal information private and anonymous before you decide to take things further with a potential partner. This way, you don’t need to reveal any identifying information—even your name—until you have shared the news about your STD.

This is an extremely powerful arrangement. Less time can be spent worrying about what your partner will think about your STD and more time can be spent building real, authentic relationships. By joining our platform, users are signaling that, at the very least, they are willing to date others with STDs. Even so, you have control over all of your information. By revealing your STD before offering more identifying information about yourself, you can lower the stakes. It is easier to share—especially because you are communicating on a platform where users know that others, in all likelihood, have an STD.

Breaking the News

Anonymous disclosure of your STD is easier on our platform, but you may be asking yourself one important question: “How do you actually do it?

Obviously, you have lots of discretion here. There isn’t a step-by-step playbook. But having said this, there are several things to keep in mind.

First, don’t make it a big deal. Try to avoid any dramatic preface like “I have some important news to tell you” or anything similar. When you are ready to share the news, simply share it. Be direct. It’s better to do this than make some grand proclamation.

Second, only share the information when you are ready. Granted, you will need to share your STD before you have sexual relations with a potential partner. But if that is not yet on the horizon, feel free to take your time. Get to know the other person, but feel free to leave out other identifying details about yourself as necessary. This may make it easier for you to share the news when you actually do.

Finally, keep a sense of perspective. Revealing an STD can be scary, but you won’t be putting yourself in harm’s way. Everything is going to be fine. In fact, sharing the news may be the catalyst toward creating a healthy, long-term relationship with your new partner.

Get Started Today

Anonymously sharing your STD diagnosis can be a low-pressure, low-stakes way to break the news. Whether you are extremely nervous about sharing this information or just somewhat nervous, anonymous notification can be a great way to navigate this challenge.

To learn more about Positive Singles and how it can help you anonymously share the news about your STD, please Join us today.