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Meet my soulmate  #Dating
I am happy to report that I met someone wonderful on your site. I was a member for over a year. I chatted with several people over the course of the year, many moving to email, phone, and texting. I met a few people in person and went on some dates, but I never found anyone who I clicked with immediately. I am a single mom to two kids, and was not going to settle or overlook red flags. In my profile I tried to maintain that I was down to earth and more of a tomboy, looking for a best friends as lovers type of relationship. I was looking for something long-term.
I met my "match" and within 2 days we had exchanged numbers and were texting. We clicked immediately. He was looking for the same things, and had a similar "list" of qualities he wanted in a partner/relationship. He commented on how much he liked my profile and how I seemed approachable and low-key in my photos (Since I was wearing hoodies in most of them). We had a similar communication styles and were the same MBT, so we understood each other's personalities right from the start. It was also easy to talk about the shame associated with having HSV, and we shared our experiences in dating and the depression that followed the diagnosis. It is so nice that it's a NON-issue for us! We spoke on the phone within days and we both admitted that this was something "different, unique, and special". I kid you not I think I fell in love with him in the first week. No joke. We talked every day, did facetime, etc. I think talking via Facetime over the 2 weeks prior to meeting really helped! This has never happened to me before. I am 40 years old! And there are no red flags. We are both really honest with each other (no filters). I think having the HSV helps us both with being open and trusting. He lives about 8 hours away, so we planned our first weekend together for 2 weeks after our initial contact on-line. It was convenience because my kids would be gone. I picked him up from the airport and we went hiking for 3 days in a row. We clicked like old friends and have been inseparable ever since. We could totally be ourselves around each other. It was super easy and we were really comfortable. He just spent the last 5 days with me and my kids (who love him!) on his second trip here. And he is coming again for a week over Thanksgiving, while I plan to visit his family in Idaho over the holidays. There are no plans for marriage yet, but perhaps in the future someday. We have both been married before when we were young, so we are not going to jump into anything fast. He has put in a request with his company for a transfer to my area in early 2018. We know it seems fast and crazy, but it just feels right! It sounds super cheesy, but he has all the qualities I have been searching for in a life partner and I feel really lucky. He has said that same to me.
I will forever be grateful for this site in allowing people with STDs to meet in a safe, non-judgmental place. Both my partner and I have shared that we felt our dating lives were over and had accepted that we might spend the rest of our lives alone. I was okay with that, but still kept my profile up and communicated with people, never giving up hope. I am really happy that I responded to his message. Quality erased the distance between us and we are both super happy and in love!!

I like the forums and discussions on your site. I have made a few lifelong friends on your site as well.

Thank you!