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Positive Singles > The #1 GAY HIV Dating Site for Positive Singles

Finding the love of your life is a hard task. After all, people look for the ‘perfect person’ when searching for love. So, being HIV positive gay can dampen your enthusiasm to find love and companionship. For this reason, many individuals search for the best gay HIV dating site to find love in this cruel world. But, so many sites claim to be the best with no real features for their customers. Of course, this doesn't mean that there is no help – you have Positive Singles.

Yes, this site has everything you need to find love and support. Just because a person has HIV doesn’t mean he shouldn’t love. Take advantage of this place to find the right person who will love you regardless of this disease. Just keep reading to know more about what this site has to offer to you.

Help HIV gay individuals to find love.

Positive Singles is one of the best and leading sites for finding love for people living with venereal diseases. This site has over 1.7 million registered users and thousands of success stories. And, the best part is that this site has a specific area allotted to HIV gay individuals.

Another noteworthy mention about this gay HIV dating site is that its active forums greatly support its users. Yes, you can find many real-life experiences here which can show that you are not alone. In short, you can find an inclusive environment for finding love and forums to get support.

So, you no longer have to feel scared of getting ditched because of your disease.

What's so great about Positive Singles?

This is a place made for people suffering from STD to find love irrespective of the disease they have. After all, people feel ashamed and feel unlovable when they get a disease. But, this place just proved that to be wrong. In a recent report, it is estimated that around 15K people interact on this platform. So, whether you are looking for serious relationships or not, this place takes things seriously.

Also, this gay HIV dating site has become more user-friendly in recent years because people from different parts of the world come here. The developers took such efforts to make sure that your path in finding love is an easy one.

User accounts and privacy issues of this site

If you have used many dating sites, you would know just how many fake accounts are there. Also, most sites don't care whether the account holder is a real or an imposter. But, this is not the case with the Positive Singles site. The truth is, they take an extra effort to verify all accounts – manually. After all, the automatic verification process has a lot of flaws. This protects individuals not to run into troublemakers.

To give maximum protection, this dating site uses SSL for all its transactions. Furthermore, all personal information about an individual remains encrypted. And, the best part is – they follow the rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). In short, your data will not go to another platform under this law. For this reason, this site got much appreciation from the public.

In the end, this gay HIV dating site values you and your privacy more than making profits.

Easy signup process

With a few strokes and clicks, the whole thing will get over in no time. At the start of the registration process, some simple questions will come up. Then, the user can pick whom they want to love. After that, the 'living with' section will come where you can state about your disease. In addition, a person may need to give his age, location, height, and marital status. But, a picture is not necessary. Once the process gets over, the person can upload the picture later. And, the best part is that this place allows you to choose the type of STD that your partner to have. Due to this feature, many reviewers gave positive comments because it allows individuals to find love without getting awkward.

How does this site help you to find love?

Previously, you read about the 'living with' section. Well, that's a personal section that you can use to say what kind of partner you are looking for. You will find three kinds of search on this site – quick, advanced, and using user names. In a quick search, you can use filters to search for your love. There are filters for regular habits and astrological signs. Even though the advanced search is a premium feature, you can find more amazing search filters here. Yes, from ethnicity to body type, there is all.

To conclude, this process of finding the perfect match is not dependent on the disease of the use. It's the preferences entered by the users that help with finding the perfect match.

Membership features

Of course, not all features in this platform are free. But, you will get a lot of them that will convince you to go and get a premium membership. Yes, that's how good this place is. From free signup to multiple edits to your profile and even replying to messages – you can do it. On the other hand, other sites only allow you to send a maximum of 2 messages.

Now, let's talk about the premium membership of this site. Here, they get the name 'PREMIUM MEMBERS'. A user has three choices to choose a subscription from. Moreover, they can make their profile come on top when a person is searching. Next, they can freely interact with other users. And, they have an option to attend STD counsellor’s live sessions through chat or email. Other features like the ‘first date’ and ‘let's meet’ needs a special mention for their huge popularity.

Noteworthy features of this site

There is a huge range of features that can help you to find the right match. First, there is an option for one-on-one counselling/dating sessions. Suppose if that doesn't help you out, then you use the next one. The second option is the meet/spark game, where a user plays multiple rounds to find an interesting person. Another feature called the first date is also a good choice when everything else fails. Here, you can say your thoughts on the first date. Depending on that you can meet others who have the same taste as you.

Good customer support

They have really good customer support 24/7. After all, they have customers from around the globe. They need to be around the clock to help the customers in case of difficulties. And, they give importance to every member of the site – whether paid or not. Now, that’s rare in today’s paid membership world.

Before you go

As you can see, Positive Singles is the best gay HIV dating site that you could ever see online. After all, it has got everything that one would need to find love, support, and hope. It is more than a place where one could find similar individuals. Yes, it’s a community that builds up a person. So, if you want to start your love search, start from here!

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