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    HIV basics: What is it?

    What is HIV?

    Like many other virus around us, HIV is also a virus which attacks our immune system. T-helper cells, which are a type of white blood cells in our body, are the first to be attacked by this virus, the virus after attacking it starts to replicate inside and make copies of it inside T helper cells which are also called CD4 cells.

    Now as the virus is dividing itself, it weakens a person’s immune system and if they are not treated on time it can be harder to fight off the various diseases and infections associated with it.

    Transmission of HIV:

    Where is it from? Below are some of the routes from where it enters the human body.

    • HIV is usually spread by the shared drug needles among druggies.

    • In some cases, it is spread through body contact with the blood of another infected person.

    • It is also transmitted through unsafe intercourse with an infected individual.

    • Mothers can transfer it to their babies during childbirth or pregnancy

    HIV Symptoms:

    Like any other disease don’t ever rely on your symptoms alone. Make sure you are properly tested before you conclude something. Some of HIV symptoms are:

    • Swollen glands

    • On and off flu episodes

    • Body rash

    • A sore throat

    • Joint pain and muscle ache

    • Vomiting

    • Night sweats’

    HIV diagnosis:

    It is diagnosed by a blood test to see the presence of HIV antibodies.

    HIV Treatment:

    Researchers have come up with medicine which can easily fight HIV infection if the treatment is started earlier. These drugs and therapies increase the quality of life and extend patient years, because of which there is a decrease in deaths recently.

    HIV outbreak:

    In 1920 HIV outbreak first appeared in Congo. Afterward it was seen in other parts of the world too. Then in 2013 around 35 million individuals were reportedly living with HIV. This number has been decreased greatly due to early prognosis and treatment options.

    HIV is not as deadly as we think it is, people around us are living perfectly normal life with it. You just have to be cautious not to share your things with others once you are infected with it, must take your medicines on time as patient compliance is an important factor in eradicating it from the human body.





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