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STD and Herpes Dating in Sydney, Australia

Dating in today’s world can become complicated. This is especially true if you have been diagnosed with an STD. Just know that in Sydney, this never has to stop you from finding someone to love who will love you back. The stigma of dating while carrying an STD is one you can avoid when you log onto Positive Singles. We specialize in bringing STD stricken people together. By providing a judgement free zone, we make it possible for our members to focus on making connections with people who understand their hardships.

You are not alone in your struggles. Almost 10% of those living in Sydney have received an STD diagnosis. Of those 10%, half of them are suffering from herpes. A more predominant problem in Sydney is HSV-1, commonly referred to as a cold sore. This is an affliction 56.1% are currently dealing with. At 43.9% almost as many are suffering from genital herpes, or HSV-2.

Overall, more men than women have been diagnosed with an STD. 64.7% of men in Sydney are currently suffering. In comparison, only 35.3% of those who have an STD are female.

Armed with this knowledge, you can safely and confidently meet potential partners at Positive Singles. We take the pressure off of having to tell the person you are dating that you have an STD. This means you can relax and concentrate on building a healthy and happy relationship with someone you are compatible with and have common ground with.

There is no reason why dating should be stressful just because you are suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. You deserve to be able to enjoy love and romance just as much as anyone else does. With support groups available to Sydney residents, you never have to struggle with your diagnosis, with or without a romantic partner.

Battling an STD with a partner who is also afflicted may even strengthen your relationship. You will likely have a deeper understanding of your romantic partner than most couples that lack any STDs. This bond can help you form a lasting relationship where you may not have had one otherwise.

As long as you practice safe sex, being in a relationship where both of you have an STD is perfectly healthy. When you take precautions for each other, both of you benefit from it.

These are all the things to keep in mind when searching for a romantic partner. Positive Singles makes it easy to find someone with no fear of being rejected because of your STD. It is a pressure free environment where you can be yourself and enjoy getting to know quality singles that are looking for friendship, love and companionship.

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