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STD and Herpes Dating in Houston

We understand the importance of complete honesty between two romantic partners. Our goal is to serve Houston area singles in finding people who won’t judge them for having contracted an STD. Those who have are far from alone.

Houston has a total of 20,921 people suffering from an STD. If you are one of them, it shouldn’t stop you from finding quality people to date. Of those diagnosed with an STD, 55.8% of them are men while 43.4% of them are women.

In total, roughly 74% have received a herpes diagnosis. Approximately 38% have been diagnosed with genital herpes, otherwise known as HSV-2. More than half of them suffer from cold sores, otherwise known as HSV-1.

To a lesser extent, Houston’s population of singles are suffering from other STDs. It is estimated that 18% of them have contracted HIV and roughly 6% have been diagnosed with HPV.

What does this mean for you? It means that Positive Singles is a great way to meet like-minded people who will understand your struggles. There is no stigma among members and you should feel free to use our services without any sense of shame.

Don’t limit yourself to only finding a romantic partner either. Many members join simply to meet friends that can relate to them when their own friends can’t. You will find a supportive environment where you will never have a reason to feel awkward or out of place.

With the pressure taken away, you may find it easier to connect with someone romantically. We give you a safe platform where you can get to know your fellow members before initiating any face to face contact. Our members are held accountable for representing themselves truthfully, so you never have to worry that when you meet someone, you don’t get what you expect.

You won’t be called out among our members for suffering from an STD. It is important to always remember that a disease does not define who you are. Two people with a similar medical condition can look past it to see the person behind the condition. In this type of environment, your diagnosis will not be an obstacle to overcome throughout the process of dating.

Many people suffering with a sexual disease worry more about rejection than others do. Our site helps you avoid the pain it causes. When you bond with people who understand your condition, it brings you closer together and helps you better relate to each other.

Keep these thoughts in mind when exploring the benefits of using Positive Singles. We understand dating can be difficult and it is our goal to make the process as easy and pleasant as possible.

In Houston, approximately .07% of all couples suffer from an STD. Your diagnosis does not have to limit you to a lifetime of being single. Finding a romantic partner doesn’t have to be a painful struggle.

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