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Positive Singles - Online Herpes Dating Website for women with herpes

HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus is a type of infection that causes herpes. Herpes can happen in various parts of our body, starting from the mouth to the genitals. There are primarily two HSV types: HSV 1, mainly oral herpes, and HSV 2, which causes genital herpes. In general, if you are affected by herpes, then you might think of your ultimate fate. But, with the advent of medical science, it is not like that. Nowadays, treatments are more scientific, and higher chances of recovery have been seen for women with herpes.

Herpes? No Worry.

But, there is hardly any dedicated website where women affected with herpes can register themselves and find their preferred dating partner. Positive Singles has dedicatedly set up a platform where all sexually transmitted disease-affected people can register themselves to search for an ideal dating partner. That means, if you have HIV or HSV, then also you are eligible. There is no discrimination in gender. Hence both males and females can find ideal partners using this web portal. Positive Singles is the best herpes dating website for women with herpes. Undoubtedly, it is the best, and it has a hundred reasons also to be the unique one in this segment.

It's Different

Usually, any dating site concentrates on providing an ideal partner based on preferences. Sex, education, profession, location, age, look, and other factors are mainly considered in finding the best match. Whoever can give lots of relevant options and choose his/her dating partner successfully, and the dating site comes into prominence. But, in the case of positive singles, it is a bit different. It is the first and perhaps only dating site to build up a community of like-minded people. Here like-minded means people who are somehow diagnosing sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, Herpes, etc. There is a community where they can discuss their problems, their illness, what medicine they are following, any side effects, and their success stories once they come out from this disease. It is a motivational and informative platform for all people who are infected with HIV or HSV. Positive Singles has done that efficiently so that it does not become only a normal dating site like others but also contributes to society.

The Trauma

Once a woman is infected with any HSV, she starts thinking in negative ways. Herpes is a challenging disease to fight against, and you need lots of courage in doing so. However, that doesn't mean all paths are closed for you. It is known to all that HSV - 1 can happen due to multiple reasons like sharing lip balm, kissing, or even eating from the same utensil. The virus spreads too fast, and it affects the human body without giving many chances.

On the other hand, HSV - 2 happens typically if you contact a person who too has the HSV-2 virus in his/her body. HSV can occur for having multiple sex partners or having sex at a very young age, or if you have a low immune system. Females are affected most, and due to all these, they have a hundred reasons to think before starting to find their dating partner.

Busting the Myth

But, the current situation is different. Treatment for sexually transmitted diseases has taken a new turn, and more people are being cured than before. The improvement ratio is increasing every day with the introduction of the latest medical facilities, and you can quickly think of something else apart from only thinking of your disease. In this context, Positive Singles has emerged as the best herpes dating website for women who now can think of their preference. They can now register in the portal with all available details and search for their ideal romance partner. A herpes-affected woman can easily find his soul mate, date, and even have sexual pleasure without any trouble.

Advantage of Positive Singles

The best part of Positive Singles is, you can voluntarily mention your illness without hiding a single word. This is one of its kinds, and it provides you with a self-relief to express whatever you have inside. You might have a fear that being a herpes infected woman, no man will come to you. You can't have your love life, and your sexual desires will die gradually. It is not to declare your level of disease, your improvement pattern, and what medicines you are taking to be cured. Your dating partner can see all, and based on that, only he will come forward. There is no question of blame or hide and seek as everything is transparent. Both can have a clear idea about each other's disease and its degree. So, none can complain later about anything. This is the uniqueness of positive singles, so it is adored by millions of people worldwide.

Salient Features

As the number of HIV or HSV infected people is increasing worldwide, efforts are needed to give them some sigh of relief in other terms. Using the positive singles platform, they can search for the ideal partner they want. Once they find their perfect match, they will not feel alone and will not be embarrassed in the presence of other personages due to their disease. Positive Singles does that very carefully, and they can proceed to live a new happy life without any complication. All the concerns are eliminated, and they can live a healthy life with sex even. This is a welcome alternative to the traditional dating sites we are habituated to see. Women infected with herpes will never feel free to discuss their illness and preference in those dating portals. So, this exclusive portal gives a new ray of life for all such infected men and women. Now, without any fear or shyness, they can openly state their condition along with their preference for an ideal partner. Life will be smoother in the coming days.


If you are looking for the best herpes website, positive singles are ideal for you. Every woman with herpes who wants to search for her dating partner enrols herself in this portal. This is the best of the lot, and you can't find any other dating portal engaged in community development. Positive Singles has taken the approach to search for your ideal partner and lessen the number of STD-infected people by creating awareness. Their community consists of all infected people who share their experience, how the disease came, how to fight against this deadly illness, what are the medicines they are following, and is there any side effects of their treatment or not.

The best part of the entire community is it’s sharing of success stories that genuinely motivate millions of male and female who are somehow infected in HIV, HSV like sexually transmitted diseases. They can find a new way to live their life happily with their ideal partner. Positive Singles is just finding their best match as per the criteria mentioned by them.