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Positive Singles - One of Germany's Best Herpes Dating Sites for HSV Singles

No matter what a person believes in, everybody wants to be loved for who they are. And, when it comes to flaws of a person, it makes finding the right person a challenging task. Especially when one has herpes, this can hurt. But, this doesn't mean that there is no help. Yes, you can find HSV singles from the best herpes dating site Germany – Positive Singles.

Yes, this is where you can find love, friendship, and support without fear of rejection because of this disease. From its start in 2001, this place has been the favourite site for many individuals with different STD diseases.

To put it simply, Positive Singles makes two things an easy task – online dating and finding love. Just keep reading to know what this place has to offer for you!

Is Positive Singles legit?

From the very beginning, this has been a favourite for people having different STD types. More than 1.7 registered users are active on this platform. Though this site started in the United States, it spread across the globe to Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. After all, many people search for the best herpes dating site Germany to find the perfect HSV singles. And, the biggest plus of this platform is the amazing number of success stories it has – over 60,000!

Surely, such a site would not be this successful if it is not a legit one. So, this is a legit and safe place for herpes individuals to find the love of their life.

A user-friendly place to find love

When a site has a huge reach, it needs to be easy to use for all people. And, for this reason, developers have put in extra effort to make the site user-friendly. Whether it's chatrooms, blogs, forums, support, or Q&A – you can find everything right here. Also, another thing about Positive Singles that makes it the best is the presence of legit accounts. Yes, you won't find fake accounts here. If you're a frequent user of online dating sites, you know the struggle of avoiding fake accounts. After all, you are trying to find love, and fake accounts only waste your time.

Don't worry; this will not be the case with this site. All the accounts you see on this platform are manually checked. In the case of automatic checking, there are so many flaws. Therefore, you don't have to bother about meeting a dangerous person when using this site to find love.

Respects user’s privacy

Positive Singles, the best herpes dating site Germany to find amazing HSV singles, respects each user's privacy. And, they take an extra step to make the platform run on SSL for added protection. Of course, not many sites care about what happens to the private information about their users. Furthermore, Positive Singles follow the regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). Under this law, your information cannot be given to another platform. By following such strict rules, this site earned the respect of the public.

In short, Positive Singles values its users more than making profits. And, that's why this has become the best place to search for love, especially for STD affected individuals.

Easy to register

Well, the whole signup process is so simple that you would complete it within 10 minutes. First, you will need to answer some basic questions. Then, you will have questions regarding the gender of the person you want to love. Next, you will see the 'living with' section where you need to enter your details regarding the type of STD. After that, you also need to give other information like height, age, marital status, and location.

On the other hand, submitting a photo is not necessary at the start. There is also an option for the users to choose what type of STD they want their partner to have. Many individuals praised this option because it makes searching for love an easy process.

How does all of this work?

This herpes dating site Germany works a little different from the usual sites you online. Generally, three kinds of searches are available to find the right HSV singles – quick, advances, and using username. When you use the quick search, you can use the regular filters to find compatible people. These filters include regular habits and even astrological signs. On the other hand, advanced search is a paid option. Here, you can use the filters like body shape and ethnicity to find the right person. Also, you can save a profile that you want to consider at a later date. Lastly, you can only use a username search if you know the exact username of the person.

Keep in mind that this platform does not pair people based on their diseases. Rather, it’s the preferences that the user enters that plays the main role in the process.

Free and paid membership

As you know, the free feature is very few on other dating sites. Only when you pay something a little extra you can even get a decent search. Of course, this is not the case with Positive Singles. You get free signup, do multiple edits to your profile, and send replies to messages. Moreover, you can also get to see the success stories of other individuals without paying anything. Now, you can understand why Positive Singles holds the title of the best dating site. After all, other sites allow free signup and send two replies.

On the other hand, premium members get more than these amazing features. First of all, their name here is PREMIUM MEMBERS. These members can make their profile come to the top of the search results. Also, they get to enjoy the amazing filters present in the advanced search. And, they can get support from STD counsellors either through chat or email.

Furthermore, they get to enjoy exclusive blogs that will help them to recuperate. Surely, special features like the first date and let's meet need a special mention here. After all, these features were one of the many reasons why this platform got popular.

Noteworthy features

In this single platform, you can use multiple methods to find love. First, there are counselling and dating sessions to help you find love. If you don't like this, don't worry. Next, a matching game called meet/spark is where one can play for multiple rounds. Even if that doesn't help you, the next one will. The final special feature, the first date, lets you say your thoughts about the first date. Depending on the similarity of what you say, you will get to meet different people.

24/7 customer support

A platform of such a global scale needs customer support to be available at all times. And, judging from the reviews present online, you can say that they have the best support system. Whether the user is a free or paid member, they give equal attention to all.

The bottom line

As you can see, Positive Singles is the best herpes dating site Germany to find good HSV singles. Don’t let the disease stop you from finding the love of your dreams. Yes, whether a lover or friend, you can be here without any fear of rejection. That’s how supportive this place is for you and everyone else.