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Mature Dating For People With Herpes and Other STDs

Now more than ever, people are looking for that special someone. Online dating has proven to be a great way to more easily connect with others, whether you’re busy with work or staying safe at home. Still, dating can come with some challenges. Mature dating and STD dating are two kinds of dating that can require a little more energy. Fortunately, with our easy to use platform, we make it possible for people to find their perfect match every single time. Positive Singles makes it easy to find love!

What Is Mature Dating?

Mature dating is dating between two mature people. Though Tinder might be great for younger people who are looking for fleeting connections, it can be hard to embrace mature dating on that kind of site. When you’re more mature and further along in life, you want the opportunity to be with someone who is on your level.

Unlike the brief hookups and flings that many dating sites are centered around, we focus on bringing people quality relationships. Mature dating is built for longevity. It is about finding that special someone. With Positive Singles, it is completely possible to find someone who wants the same thing you do: love.

Dating When You Are STD Positive

Whether you are seeking out mature dating or not, STD dating can be tough. It requires an open dialogue about a topic that many people simply are not educated on. There is a reason that searches like HPV dating, HIV dating, and herpes dating are so common. No one wants to keep giving the same speech and risk that moment where the other person might reject them for it. People are looking for love, not rejection. That means finding the right people and the right site to make strong connections.

The Positive Singles Approach

Positive Singles was designed to help adults to connect with other dedicated adults to find love. It is a platform that is based on transparency and understanding, and allows you to be completely open and honest with others, just like they will be with you. Instead of worrying about how you will tell people your age or about your STDs, you can trust that people already know the truth and are just ready to get to know you. With Positive Singles, STD dating and mature dating are easy. Your only job is to connect with someone that you love.


When it comes to finding love, we all deserve a chance to show our true selves. With Positive Singles, you can skip the big reveal and just be honest upfront. Everyone on the site knows and respects this, which makes it that much easier to find someone that you love. The people on our site will already know the things you would usually hide, making it possible for you to get right to telling them all about the real you. This is how you can find the love that you deserve, and we look forward to being a part of it!

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