we are already in love with each other!!

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Dear Positive Singles,

I have been on your site now for almost a year. I have exchanged emails with a few cool women and I have had some good conversations.

But....I want you to know....that the power of the "wink" is the BOMB!!!

I sent a wink to a young lady who was the same status as me and BAM! Not only did I get a wink back! but a cell and home phone number!!

I was in stark amazement!! I called her after a day and we spent an average of 5 to 6 hours on the phone each night talking. We had so much in common, she was very articulate, intelligent, and matched my spiritual values of a women.

After a week of talking, she booked a flight from New York to spend the weekend with me in North Carolina!! I couldn't believe a Nigga like me could be so lucky!!

I went to pick her up at the Airport and I immediately know who she was based on our conversations. As I hugged her for the first time, I could feel her inner beauty just radiating from her body.

We immediately left the Airport and went out on the town with one of my friends from College. We had a great time and hung out until 12.

The following day we talked and she hooked a brotha up with some P-Diddy(You know, the stuff that makes us 40 somethings get their grove on).

She then schemed on a brotha with her shy and sexy smile. I couldn't resist her touch and we snuggled and embraced the whole day.

The next day, I took her to work with me and put my babygirl up for display for the Hater's to have something more to hate on.

We spent the later part of the afternoon snuggling until it was time for her flight to leave. We rushed to the Airport thinking she was going to miss her flight, but.....it got delayed 20 extra minutes. The exact time we spent snuggling.....Isn't GOD good!!!

We have only known each other for less than 3 weeks and we are already in love with each other!!

I have found someone who is genuine and ultra cool.