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i joined this site in december, 2007. after having been diagnosed and going through 'the talk', i knew that the person that i met, and ultimately wanted to spend my time with, would be someone who was already diagnosed with hsv2. i saw his profile and wanted to contact him. but, i am a smoker and he is a non-smoker. so, i did nothing. then, he contacted me! we wrote and talked on the phone. then we decided to meet. i have to say that he is the greatest man that i could have met! i know that i want to spend more time with him and to get to know everything there is to know about him. at this point, we are taking things one day at a time. we both know that we want things to be right between piece of advice to anyone out there....if their profile intrigues you, write to them! i never would have contacted him because of the smoking thing. thank goodness he was willing to overlook my bad habit and be the one to initiate conversation! good luck to each and every one of you.