never stop saying thank you

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I have been a free member, and I have enjoyed my time being a member (FREE) but I
have met someone from this very site and I feel that this is the person for me at
this point in my life, I have found this person to be so very nice and your website:
POSITIVE SINGLES has brought this person into my life as for now, I feel this person
is the right person that has giving me self worth again, and has showed me that I'm
still very human even though I have HIV ; and from the bottom of my heart and the
depth of my very soul, I say thank-you for having such an amazing website for the
people that REALLY DO NEED TO KNOW "That they do MATTER" as I've been HIV for about
12 years now, and I believe your website has helped to bring this special someone
into my life, and from my end of the world I'll never stop saying thank you