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We corresponded for two days before meeting.

We talked on the phone twice, once around 4pm and then again at 7:30. And we met that night at a Denny's in Hollywood, close to where she lived. We talked for almost 4 hours and made plans to meet the next night for our first date.

Just happy we were able to meet through your 'place'. It's so badly needed - there are sooooooo many people out there with a similar condition, and seem afraid to sign up with this kind of website. In Los Angeles, where I live, there must be easily thousands of single people who have H, and are single & looking ... but they don't seem to want to sign up with a H website like this. But we found our love here, that's really lucky and happy. I sincerely hope you also find your love on this site. That's great. I wish you great good luck, and thank you very much!