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On our first date, we went out on American Lake in a canoe. It was a public setting, yet private enough to feel that we could focus entirely on each other. About 3 hours into our date, one speed boat past by us in one direction, while another sped by on the other side of the canoe in the opposite direction causing turbulent water. We were so focused on each other that attention to the balance point was forgotten and shockingly the canoe capsized. In our partial fear and surprise, on that day, we learned something about each other on a deeper level than would have taken six months or more of dating to learn. We formed a bond from that event that deepened our appreciation of each other and of life. A bond that manifested into a mutually loving and respectful relationship. We married on the same lake where our canoe had capsized, thus giving rise to the saying, "We took the plunge where we took the plunge."

Advice to other members:

She says, "Don't judge a book by its cover. His profile picture was misleading, because when I met him, I was instantly drawn in by his sensitivity and appeal, which I did not see in his profile. His heart captivated mine."

He says, "When I saw her profile, I thought "This girl is out of my league." I discovered that she was looking for a heart and mindset like mine. I honestly feel that she is very rare and saw this immediately."