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We talked for a couple of weeks before meeting. Not really a very long time, but our e-mails were pretty detailed and we both shared a lot of information about ourselves, our families, who we are as people and what we were looking for. Can't say exactly what it was, but there was just this connection very early on so we decided to go ahead and meet. We met at a local Kansas City restaurant and ended up talking for a couple of hours and hit it off right away. Since that night we have continued seeing each other and talk pretty much daily. There is enough of a bond between us we both felt that pulling out of the dating site was the right thing to do. It's way too early to think about marriage but I will say that from what I have experienced with him so far, it wouldn't surprise me if some kind of committed relationship were in our future.

So thank you for providing this site - I can't tell you how devastated I was when I found out I had HSV-2. I thought my life was pretty much over and as I was researching information on the virus, I came across an ad for your site and decided to check it out. It was such a comfort to read the stories of so many other people out there with the same thing and knowing I'm really not alone - and now to have actually found someone I care about is really way more than I ever expected.