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Thank you very much. I can't thank you enough for all the prompt support and diligence that you've displayed over the past few weeks. I can see that you strive hard to make sure that your clients are very happy...and I must say that you've done and outstanding job of doing so in my case. If I've seemed 'short' at times, I do's just so that I'm so used to getting 'the short end of the stick' so to speak that I tend to be a bit over aggressive when it comes to matters of finances and dealing when members of 'corporate America' as we know it today. I would also like to thank you on behalf of your clients for not being that 'pain in the butt' as we have all grown to know "corporate America" and I without a doubt am sure that you will be very successful...even more so than it appears you already have been. You're one of the few companies that still believes in standing behind your product/service and you have no idea what that actually means to a world of consumers who are used to getting (well pardon the expression) but SCREWED by 'corporate America'.

Thank you again for working so diligently to come to a solution that is satisfying to BOTH yourselves AND the this case...myself.

Best of regards, good luck, and prosperity to you all,