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I joined this site after a few years of anguish meeting people and then pushing them away because I didn't want to tell them about having herpes. I am now in love and married. I didn't meet my wife on here and she doesn't have herpes. The reason I am thankful for this site is that through dating and talking to other people going through the same things as me I was able to come to terms with having herpes and it became easier to talk about it and deal with the unwarranted stigma. Without this site I would never have been able to let the relationship with my now wife develop into what it is today.

Advice to other members:

Get out there and talk to people. When someone is going through or has gone through the same emotions as you finding out about having an STD it makes it so much easier to be open. Easier telling a stranger than your family or friends. I used to think it was the end of my chances of a normal loving relationship but I can tell you 100% that is not the case. Hang in there, the more you share the easier it gets. If someone reacts badly to the news then you've saved yourself a lot of time and trouble as in a relationship and marriage there are a lot harder things to deal with and you need to be with someone that can make it through the tough times to be a successful couple.