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I would like to be able to say it was through your site I found my partner. We have been slowly working towards this point for almost a year (not necessarilly intentionally either). He is divorced almost a year now and I first started getting to know him right at the time of his divorce. He's been hesitant to take things further because he wanted to make sure I wasn't a rebound and that he was clear as to what he wants in a woman (which meant he played the field a bit). I've given him the time and space to work through it and just the last couple months he's increasingly opened up about his feelings about me. We decided this past weekend that we would get off the singles sites as it's disrespectful to each other to continue being there if we're going to be exclusive. At this point, no plans for marriage as we're still going to take things very slow and just enjoy being with each other when we can. Depending on how things go, marriage could be a possibility as he does want to get married again. I'm not so sure though just yet so it's good that we're taking things very slow and deliberate.

The best part is that he doesn't know yet if he is positive for HPV-2 (he will find out the results next week) but he's been very clear that he wants to be with me regardless. Because I just learned I have HPV-2, I feel very lucky to be with someone so soon that is willing to appreciate me for me and is willing to work through the problem, however it turns out for him even though the possibility is very real that, if he does have it, that I gave it to him. Yet he has no regrets. How cool is that??? I think the saving grace for me is that he got to know me for me long before I learned I was positive. It could have turned out much differently had we not been together on/off over the past year.

So ... I think it's important to let folks know that there really are people out there that can accept them for who they are and don't look at the disease as a dealbreaker. Even though I read testimonials from some folks that it does happen, I didn't believe it ... until now. I truly am so blessed to be with this man at this point in my life.