Our story is actually pretty crazy

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Our story is actually pretty crazy when we stop to think about it these days. We met on your website in March. We had both logged in to chat one night with no real hope of anything serious coming out of it. It was the
first time he had ever used the website. He lived in Southern California, and I lived in San Francisco. Coincidentally, he grew up in San Francisco and his family is still there, and that was what caught his attention and led to him initiating a conversation with me (That and my stunning beauty, of course).
Anyway, a couple days past without corresponding, and I decided to send him
a message. That was what really got the ball rolling, and from that point we quickly began to talk, text, chat and email several times a day. Since he was living in Southern California, we hadn't really discussed meeting; we were, at that point, just enjoying talking and realizing how similar we are to each other.

It was the end of March, and hockey playoffs were right around the corner. I had high hopes for my team, the San Jose Sharks, to make it to the finals. In a bold move, I bought two tickets to a round two playoff game. He jokingly said, "take me!" when I told him about the tickets, so I told him
if he flew up, I'd take him.

The game was about a month away at that point, and in the days preceding it, we spent hours on the phone every night. I was amazed that we never ran out of things to say. Conversation came really naturally for us. We did all those cheesy things like finish each other's sentences. There were nights that we literally talked for 5 or 6 hours.

So, the Sharks did not make it past round one, but as promised, he flew up to see me anyway. I remember picking him up at the airport, after a month of talking every day, and being so nervous. This whole experience was new to me, and I know Bryan was feeling the same way.

Within minutes of meeting he, it felt like we had been together for years.

Shortly after our first visit, I decided I was ready for a change in location. I decided I would move back to Los Angeles where I had lived a few years prior. I flew down to see he in Orange County, and he drove me
around to interview for jobs etc in LA. As luck would have it, I got a job in Orange County instead, and it was just minutes from his house. After several weekend trips and three months of talking, I decided I would move to Orange County and stay with him until I got settled. The two of us drove a u-haul across the state.

I never moved out of his house. We started talking about getting married
a couple months ago, and this was just another example of how we are similar. We shared a vision for a very non-traditional, simple marriage.

He and I both feel that we have met our other half. We are more excited about our lives than ever before, and we feel so lucky when we think back on the coincidental occurrences that brought us together despite the physical distance that was between us.