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I signed up on this site when i just found out about HSV. I never was looking for a serious relationship and this was a support system for me. I met many amazing people and often distance was the issue although i was willing to relocate. My partner and I lived 500 miles away from each other and we just though we'd take a chance and meet up half way. We decided to try to have a relationship and 3 years later we got married...obviously it worked out :). I met someone that I felt so strong a connection with, that distance was not an issue and finally I am moving to the USA (from Canada) to start a new life. Its exciting. This site not only is the reason I met my partner but it gave me hope, a backup and something with which I could carry on everyday knowing that I had this support system backing me up. Knowing and chatting with normal people in the same situation was crucial i think. Thanks!

Advice to other members:

There is nothing to loose, at worst it will only be a support network!