My darling Louisiana girl

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When I joined this site, I honestly didn't think anything meaningful would come of it. I just wanted to date, and not be faced with "having the talk" in case the relationship became something of substance. After a few dates that were less than promising, I decided to look at profiles of women that were not within my usual criteria.

Being the typical man, I was looking for convenience (a woman close geographically) and someone who was younger than I. However when I opened up my mind regarding age and city, I finally found the special woman that I love so much.

He is a darling, kind, beautiful woman who loves me sincerely and deeply, and never hides her heart from me. Her gentle, feminine way takes me off guard, just as her striking beauty and expressive eyes draw me in. She has an ease about her that calms my soul, and made me fall in love almost immediately.

She is better than I dared to hope for, and I thank God I found her. We've only been dating for a short time, yet we're making plans to be together. How can you live without a woman that refers to you as Superman?

Advice to other members:

Don't limit your search to what you're used to; instead reach out, you might be pleasantly surprised.