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I had been on the site for around 9 months. I met one other person before him and it didn't work out. I honestly was about to delete my whole profile and he messaged me. I had winked at him previously, maybe a couple weeks before and I thought he wasn't interested. I was kind of leery because of the distance, 900+ miles but love knows no bounds... We emailed back and forth for a couple days and then exchanged phone numbers and quickly became very enamored with each other. We decided to meet, and decided I would go to Texas, I live in Missouri. I took a bus, 30 hours because that's just how the routes go. We spent 18 days together and decided that we are meant for each other. I am moving to Texas the first part of November and we have talked about marriage and are technically engaged even though there hasn't been any rings yet. But that is forthcoming. I had used the sight years ago when I was first diagnosed and met someone then but that didn't work out because of distance at the time, but I am glad really because I feel everything that has happened has just brought me to this point and this man. Thank you PS. There is definitely someone out there for everyone. I hope other can find their Love too !!

Advice to other members:

Don't give up. Use your intuition and make sure it's right for you. Don't settle if you are not truly happy. There is someone out there just right for you!