Leave an allowance of things working out or not working out

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Dear Positive Singles,

I am so glad that you are interested to know the success that we have achieved through your site. Most importantly I take what ever that happens in my life as planned by God long ago, there is no one who introduced me to the site, I just googled and found out that you offer that service to us.

It took us just a week for us to meet, I think our love was made in heaven. We didn't ask for photos from each other from the start and that was the belief for both of us, we were looking for Love not physical appearance. It was a great surprise for both of us the day we met as we were much anxious to see how each other looks. It was so glad that when we met, both of us were happy to find out that what we were expecting is what we got.

We first met at the train station. we had not exchanged photos before we met, the station where we met is the busiest station in London. It has so many outlet as it is also an international station, if you are familiar with London, I am talking about King Cross- St Pancras. It took me like 30 minutes to find out exactly which outlet she will come out. With Gods will I was at the right place in the right time. We had planned that she calls me when she comes out of the station, but I wanted to give her a surprise that we meet before she call me, and the surprise worked out perfectly well. We tried to describe each other before we met, I got the greatest surprise of my life that she was able to spot me among hundreds of people who were in the station. She came straight to me and she gave me a big hug even before she asked my name. Later on she asked: ''are you Robert'', then I replied by asking whether she was the person that I was waiting for. It was spot on and it was Love at first sight, we hugged again and from there we we inseparable.

I took her to my car, and gave her a single rose that I had bought earlier. I treated her like a Queen, open the door for her all the time, and she was extremely happy. We are both Africans, but from neighbouring countries, that's why I decided to take her to the best African restaurant in town. We both enjoyed the meal, we were communicating as if we had know each other for so long. Our interests are the same, but most of all, she is a loving and caring person.

I have a lot to share with you, and I don't know whether you understand the happiness that I have after searching for a long time. We communicate all the time, I cant even tell how many times she calls me every day. And I hope and strongly believe we are going to maintain it. We always pray for whatever we do.

We definitely mentioned about getting married, but we both don't believe in official wedding. We believe in Love, and we suggested that let us know each other better so the wedding bit will come later.

Advice to other members:

I am ready to advise those who are having problems using the site, Before
I met my love, I met 4 people from this site but things didn't work out. I
was very open to them and I told them that I will remain their friend and
that's what I have done. I called all of them to break the good news to
them and they were all happy for me. The most tip I can give anybody, when
they meet someone for the first time, let them leave an allowance of
things working out or not working out, 50/50 chances. I raised my chances
to 100% and I am a lucky man that things worked out for me.

God Bless.