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Here's our story. My profile stated that I was a smoker. santos2007 is a non-smoker. He chose to write to me based on the profile that I had written. Several things in there appealed to his sense of humor. He winked. I almost did not wink back because he was a non-smoker! But, I decided that I would write him, instead, and point out that I was a smoker who was trying to quit. He told me that, as he first wrote to me, it was his problem to deal with my smoking. We emailed several times and then exchanged phone numbers. Very soon thereafter, we met for our first date. For me, it was wonderful! Here was a man who was exactly what his profile said he was. And he was so much more. It has been almost one month since that first date and we have spent as much time together as possible. We are dating only each other and we both have really high hopes as to where our relationship is headed. I am so very grateful that he chose to ignore the fact that I was a smoker and winked at me. This is, without a doubt, the greatest relationship that I have been in and I owe it all to positivesingles.com. I never really thought that I would meet someone so compatible to me on the internet. Boy, was I wrong!! My advice? If the profile appeals to you, take the chance. You may just find the love of your life!!