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My girlfriend was new to the area and initially contacted me just looking for some companionship, someone to hang out with, an activity partner, etc. She wasn't looking for a relationship. I was. We emailed a couple times, talked a couple times and first met to go hiking in January 2009. We went out two or three times, did some outdoors activities together and soon discovered that we were looking for different things. We then went our separate ways.

I got bored of the dating scene and contacted her again in July 2009, we got together in August 2009, and have been together since. We're outdoorsy people, so we enjoy a lot of outdoor activities together, along with being a couple of geeks--we like to do crossword puzzles together, she'll kick my butt in a game of dominoes, we've played Scrabble a couple times and each won once. I'd like to say we play nicely together.

We've both got pretty busy schedules that sometimes don't mesh, so we make the most of what time we do have together. No marriage plans yet, though I don't see anything happening down the road that would make us not want to see other anymore.