I met someone whom I fell in love with on this site

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I met someone whom I fell in love with on this site. thank youuuuuuuuuuu so
muuuch!!! perfect website. He msgd me, we chatted for a bit then started texting and phoning eachother, then we met only a week later, in a group of course, hit it off riiiight away, and spent the next 5 days together things moved so fast it was amazing, i was suprised to meet someone so normal, funny, just overall an amazing person, off of a website. This website has seriously opened my eyes, when i was first "diagnosed" I thought my world was over, I thought i would never be able to find a person with the same thing as me, or I would go through life never being able to open up because I was scared people would run as soon as you say "Well I have to let you know I have....." but this site makes it so easy, matching you with people with the same things so you never have to have an awkward conversation and it's as if it doesnt matter, I love it! thankyou!!