I have finally found him.

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Hi just responding to your question well i had been trying to find my soul mate for three years and i have finally found him. I was on three sites for positive people and and found my soul mate on poz singles and I live in NC and he lives in GA and I usually am very careful with letting man know were i live so i had taken a five hour trip to GA and if no one believes in love at first site it does exsist i and he is proof we meet on nov. 1 for the first time in person we had been chatting on line then it was time to take the next step
so we did and feel in love. On nov 7 we will be engaged he ask me so we are for now still commuting back and forth but i will be moving over to ga by the new year with god's help god is good we have the same intrest and likes and dislikes witch makes it so much more pleasent he is a good man and im a good woman so even better and yes we will be making plans for marriage soon why waste time if it aint broken why fix it(smile) he makes me feel so speacil in every way i jhave been waiting for my husband for about three yrs and i have finally found him thank you for your site also the only thing i see use could do for your site is go down on your prices so people have a better option to become members if not they will find the free sites to connect on other wise use are good thank you again for your services. God bless to all and may everyone find the one they want to spend the rest of there life with we did. Lots of love.