I found my match weeks ago

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I only want to Thanks to P.S.for your support and a big committment toward HIV. I found my match weeks ago,and finally we came face to face with!! Now, We decide to share lifes pattern together and give love a chance .

Well, our first correspondence start about end of September , which was followed by phone calls often and Emails ,as well. As I had been planned to move to London next January , by issues of studies and work , so, we decided to meet each other last week in UK.

I had been booked my hotel (just in case...)and when we finally met at Gatwick ,we only confirm what we already knew: that was what we were expecting long time! Finally, we spent the rest of the days together ,which was great in all sense.
Plans for marriage? We didn?t talk about ;Our aim now,is to get along with this project of life, know each other better, and gives love a chance... Hopefuly ,so be it forever and ever.... Kindly regards to all PS. staff