I can't remember being this happy in so long.

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First of all I think you have a great website going. To be honest, was totally ashamed to go on at first but filling out the profile and uploading pictures I found that it was really easy. I had totally thought that once I got an STD there was NO chance that I would have have any hope of meeting someone, but luckily I was proved wrong :)

My friend and I talked for a couple months, sending an email about once a week. Then we decided to meet eachother in more of a group setting with friends and family. Things just went really smoothly! I did not know a whole lot about my friend before we met which was nice becuase I did'nt really have expectations about what he would act like, or how the date would go. I also kinda like the long-distance thing b/c when we hang out we truly appreciate our time together.

I have never done the on-line dating thing before but I would recommend it now! It gave me something to look forward to and even if things don't work out for us I know I have someone I can confide in about my STD issues.

Thanks for everything and I really hope others have the same luck I had...i know it sounds a little cheesy but it was kinda fate. I can't remember being this HAPPY in SO long, its been a refreshing change.
No talk of marrige yet, but we shall see where things go!!