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So I've been all over this country pretty much since coming to this site back in '02..Vegas, Ohio, NY, Boston, NJ, SC,met a guy from MN and a few crazies in between. I never thought the day would come, that I would write on here and say that I actually met a normal and awesome man who cares for me, just the way I always knew I should be. Everything is still fresh and new,and we couldn't be happier getting to know and explore each other and this world. So please know, that I am not interested in chatting with any other man on this site at the present time, because I have found everything I have been searching for in a small town in VA...who would have thought:)Good Luck to everyone on this site. It's by far the best, and there are others out there, but most of the men I met online were from this site. Don't give up or give and just be yourself and take your time. If it smells odd and you don't feel it, it's OK to tell someone it isn't going to work. That doesn't mean you won't get your heart broken on here either..I know I sure did. Always be willing to go the distance, and one piece of advise guys..put the option out there that YOU will actually visit the girl first, not the other way around..it really says a lot! Hopefully someday, I can delete this profile all together! Good Luck to Everyone!!!