Everything about the website was great!

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Everything about the website was great! The person I met sent me a wink based on what he read and we chatted for a little while via email, then moved to phone. He lives in Seattle and me in Portland at the time. He drove down to Portland and we hit it off right away! We laugh all the time, watch football together and enjoy just watching movies together. Its really difficult meeting people in general let alone people with other issues going on. We have been together for 6 months so far, still in two different cities but we spend weekends with each other and everyday on the phone. We
both think that someday I will move there when I am finished getting my degree and he wants to be married and have a family someday. If it were not for this website, I would not have found this person!! He is an amazing wonderful person who I love so much! Also I have recommended your site to some other people who have been found they are in the same situation I was in! Again thank you!