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Hi, my name is Joe, and I met my girlfriend, Laura, here on Positive Singles. We're both here online, sharing HSV2, and it all began when we winked at eachother in Septemeber of 2007. Since then, the 189-mile drive to get to eachother is nothing more than a chance to anticipate our time together. We're both in school, and as soon as I finish my degree program, I'll be joining her on Florida's other coast, where she lives. We have so much in common, and we're already planning a lifetime together. But most importantly -- aside from being safe with eachother -- we make eachother forget about what we both bring to our relationship. We would just like to say to all those who are newcomers to this site, or are feeling dejected, that these conditions make you beautiful. You've been burdened, yes, but there is STILL someone out there for everyone -- we are proof positive (no pun intended). We both almost gave up hope, and to this day, we both are so thankful we didn't! Hang in there, keep your head up, and happiness will come to you!