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I felt very isolated after my diagnosis in August 2008. I joined Positive Singles on December 19th with hopes of finding someone who understood the situation I was in and start a friendship. I winked at Becarad on New Year's Day and was so excited when he winked back a week or so later. We email almost daily and he finally gave me his phone number when I decided to call him. We chatted on phone almost every night for 3 or 4 hours at a time. We text messaged each other also during throughout the day. We found out that we have similar personalities and well I think we fell in love with each other before we finally met two months or so later. He lives approximately 80 miles from me. He drove down to my condo and we were like 14 year olds. So nervous and excited. He was so much more handsome in person. We kissed and hugged. It felt so natural to us. We haven't been able to let each other lips go. He travels across the country and I won't see him but once every 6 weeks or so, but we maintain contact on a daily basis. He already agreed to move in with me. I think that I finally met the man who compliments my being perfectly. We are excited about our future together. It happens so quick. Positive Singles is definitely the site to visit if you are diagnosed with STD. There's a lot of interesting and fine persons on this site. Keep looking and searching and wink at anyone who has potential to become a friend. You never know what could develop. Your hearts will lead you. Good Luck and thank you Positive Singles for all the opportunities of happiness and joy you have brought to so many couples.