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stress free

Each time I would get an outbreak and mine is truly just one small pimple like outbreak it would make me feel so down and it took all my effort to pick myself up. So try one Valtrex per day as a preve...more >>

valtrex and other herpes meds

I contracted herpes HSV2 in 1994 had numerous bad outbreaks for years until I discovered LYSINE! took 2 pills a day for 5-7 days 1000 mgs and my outbreaks went away. Lysine is a amino acid and is rea...more >>

Question regarding Massage

I am wondering if anyone else on here has noticed this issue I have each time I seem to have a remedial massage. I haven't had a remedial massage for just over 18 months. Since the last outbreak whi...more >>

Try to stay stress free

I have been positive for approx 22 years and I can honestly say I have tried every herb on the market and nothing works well for me but Valtrex. I have been taking one per day for the past 18 months ...more >>

My Journey

I actually have HSV-1 and HPV (not sure what strain). I've had cold sores a handful of times, mainly when I was pregnant. I had first found out that I have HPV when I was in high school, before I had ...more >>

Pharmacist recommended and research confirms

HSV genital from gf decades ago. Went dormant for years when I was young. First real job out of college was stressful and I started to break out. Tried it all. Dated a girl who had it too and it ...more >>

Hello Everyone. Has anyone heard of this Herpesyl tablet that cures herpes?

I have never been told that I have herpes, just a dormented std virus. I had a small swelling under my penis. So the doctor said we will treat it like herpes. I have never had any discharge or cold ...more >>

Get active if you are asymptomatic!

From Nov. 2019 to March 16, 2021 I asked three times for updated sexual health advice and STD testing. My S.F. Kaiser obgyn did NOT test me for herpes (or hepatitis, which I don't have) nor did she te...more >>

Get antibiotics from a doctor if you contract Chlamydia

After contracting Chlamydia I had burning during urination and white discharge. I immediately went to the doctor and got tested. While I was there they also gave me a shot and a pill of antibiotics. ...more >>


I had one tiny break out early 2020. Started taking zinc with olive leaf (not for hsv) and have not experienced any breakouts and 2020 had been one of the most stressful time in my life. I take zinc c...more >>

Black Cumin Seed Oil Capsules - work!

HSV-2 for 5 years now but fortunately only get a reaction after eating seafood, black beans, and peanuts - the same group that triggered a reaction in my ex BF. After eating any of these will 4 hours...more >>

HSV-2 natural treatment

I have HSV-2 and treat it naturally with l-lysine, and Siberian ginseng. These two things help keep outbreaks in check and makes them happen less often. I recommend taking these two supplements daily...more >>

It's not the end of the world

I found out during a blood drive for work, and in the back of my mind, given my sexual history; i already knew. The counselors were nice and supportive, but i was in a daze. I had to really stop a...more >>

Took years but my HPV is finally gone

I was diagnosed over ten years ago and in the past 5 years or so I was being seen for a precancerous condition and almost had the LEEP procedure. But at the time I was going to have the LEEP i was a...more >>

How I stay outbreak free for HSV

I have HSV 1 genitals and I almost never get outbreaks .I will explain what I take to keep it at bay and I am very sexually active, so this is a tried, tested and true story :).........................more >>

DMSO works well for quick recovery

My story was the first woman I slept with gave it to me. That was 35 years ago. I go months without it reappearing. When it does flare up I use DMSO directly on the skin. It noticeably clears up faste...more >>

Will there ever be a CURE!

I meet this guy and thought he was the love of my life. He never told me that he had herpes and he gave it me. I was suicidal when I found out because I felt as though my life as over. I still hate th...more >>

I didn't know

Been with this guy for years. Kept getting this painful sore at the base of my spine but didn't even think of this... Herpes was the last thing on my mind. So one day I was talking to my OBGYN about i...more >>

Other Solution

I have an outbreak every once in a blue moon. I take acyclovir when I do have them to get rid of the OB fasther. One thing I have tried that helps is anti itch cream. It definitely takes the itch away...more >>

Treating Herpes breakouts

Having herpes outbreaks is no fun. I treat my herpes by taking a supplement called l-lysine. Usually taking in 1-2 grams per day is enough to keep outbreaks at bay. You may need to increase that to...more >>

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