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2 things that stop it at the prodromal stage for me

I'm 2 months into having contracted HSV-2. My first outbreak lasted 4 weeks. Since then, about every other week, I have felt an itch or tingle. It seems like I'm frequently attempting to hold an ou...more >>

Can get through it

Diagnosed year and a half ago after feeling lack of energy, having always been active. Went through many other tests first. Major blow mentally. First visit with immunology clinic offered counseling ...more >>

Magical potion

I was devastated when a doctor diagnosed my herpes when I was 24. While I was crying in her office, she whipped me up a batch of her special concoction that she invented because she, too, has herpes....more >>

best product found after 10 years IP6 Insitol powder

I had a severe case of hpv for 10 years never really gave up on getting cleaned up, anyways one day i was buying supplements and thinking that i remember reading a medical write up about how hpv mimi...more >>

My meds are my life savers

I was diagnosed in 2009. I have been on 1st line nevarapine for years. One pill in the morning and at night. I was diagnosed before we got the one day triple pill. I am currently on a state hospital p...more >>


Have been infected for over 10 years, l lysine 500 mg and just found on AMAZON LEMON BALM anti viral SALVE from urbanreleafllc. AWESOME THIS STUFF WORKS !! 3 days and GONE ! Try it . ...more >>

Im blessed

Im new to this so i have to be brutally honest. I jave read some of the the stories and it makes me sad that most members have these terrible outbreak. I was diagnose feb/2016 and i can't relate at th...more >>

Its Possible You Will Thank Me!

Not many details needed. HSV 2 gential, for many years. Breakouts never seems to slow down, about 1 a month. Terrible. Tried so many natural products. Read below to see what finally brought the breako...more >>

HSV 2 Treatment

I was diagnosed with HSV-2 about a year ago. It was definitely my first outbreak and it was awful. Painful and terrifying. Thankfully I had a very supportive GP and they talked me through my options. ...more >>

Long road

I have genital hsv 1 with painful outbreaks 2-3 times a year. I contracted herpes approximately 9 years ago from an ex-boyfriend that I am suspecting cheated on me. I never did get a confirmation of t...more >>

Valcyclovir 500mg Daily

I am a male, diagnosed 2 years ago. I still get outbreaks about once a month but they typically come after vigorous intercourse, or some other type of mechanical skin injury to my member. I have notic...more >>

Alternative medicine

Hiv positive for 14 yrs pharmacy meds taken cd4 above 1000 and very low viral loads maintained throughout. I started taking colloidal silver daily 3 times a day about 6mnths ago and feeling g...more >>

Learning to Live Again

I was diagnosed with Herpes via a culture test a little over two months ago. I had experienced what I thought was regular after sex soreness, but after a few days of increasing pain, I went to the doc...more >>

grateful. story

see my life has been a rollcoaster ride doing drug living with no cares or concerns .2009 was told i had hep c.2010 told i had hiv the is were the gratefulness came in.hepc/hiv saved my clean...more >>


I was diagnosed 2 months ago with herpes via culture test. I experienced what I thought was a normal after sex soreness, but after a week of not being able to walk, go to the bathroom or sit without ...more >>

Life after HSV

I was first diagnosed in May of 2010 after one very painful outbreak. At first I was on 500 mg of generic valtrex but after a year or so I only took it if I thought I was having one. Now I do not tak...more >>

living with HSV

I was diagnosed 9 years ago...I have not had a break out since my very first one ! ! ! ! ! I owe that you Acyclovir & living a healthy life style... this may have changed the way I meet new people, ...more >>

Natural Cures

Very mild genital herpes outbreaks which includes one or two lesions near rectum or vagina that itch. Usually have an outbreak when stressed. First year of outbreaks were more severe and needed prescr...more >>

Boost your ammune system

I have been living with hsv type 2 for 7 years. I started having out breaks about 3 years ago. I was prescribed valtrex, it helped with healing the outbreaks, but it would come back every 3 months. I ...more >>

HIV its my bestfriend

I have been dignosed in 2013 that moment i was 5 months pregnant.I gave birth to a healthy baby boy who is 29 months.My resent viral load is undetectable and i started my treatment in 201...more >>

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