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Shame kept me from getting treatment

I was embarrassed I couldn't face going to a doctor to get treatment and in the process isolated myself from people as if I shouldn't be around decided I wasn't going to put up with it so Janu...more >>


. I do have hope that the U.S.A. will come up with a good vaccine for this disease. I have had to change my diet because that plays a big part in what causes outbreaks. If I eat the wrong food it can ...more >>

Day by day

Got out of a long relationship with my GF a little heart broken and found comfort in sex. I wore a condom for every sex partner except twice during that time, any way I got tested towards the end of t...more >>

Life goes on

I was dating this guy on and off for two years and he cheated on me multiple times with different woman and he caught it from one of the females and now I have it but life goes on it want kill me so I...more >>

Don't trust men

I was at a party I got raped and the next day I went to the hospital to get seen , my vagina felt so bad it hurt itch burn , days letter bumps starts to pop up puss filled , they hurt so bad , my test...more >>


I Just caught herpes I had sex with my be woke up 2 days latter with bumps on my bag , I got checked the next day I waited 8 days for my test to come. Back , and when it did I was positive for herpes ...more >>

Not the end

I thought the diagnosis would mean that I would never date anyone again. Although, I have had long term relationships with individuals that were negative and were aware of the situation. It really doe...more >>

Who knows

It was a year later before I had any symtoms. Just severe genital itching. So tested at less then ten. Being into natural remedies as much as possible. I started taking lyptomal vitamin C (12 grams a ...more >>

2.1 HSV2 IGG level, no real symptoms at all.

Well, I met a girl i finally wanted to try and be monogamous with and went out and got tested 7/27/17. Stat health finally calls me back 8/5/17 that all my results are in and are negative. Since i'm a...more >>


Had this for roughly 5 years that i know of, only have symptoms a couple of times a year so it hasn't been too much of a big deal. I was in a relationship until recently so it will be more of an issue...more >>

My Life

I was a very careful person had only been with two men after I found out. Both long term the first one was for 6 years and tested clean after that relationship. My second was my ex-husband. We were to...more >>

I'm coming upon my one year annie

I was diagnosed with HSV 2 last September. My initial outbreak was extremely painful. Pain using the restroom, nerve pain (sciatica), and 2 big painful ulcers. My primary outbreak lasted around 2 w...more >>

Definite Good News!

I have had HSV 2 genital for over 15 years. I was never one of the lucky ones whose immune system adjusted, and only had breakouts once or twice a year. For me, I would be lucky to go 3 weeks or a mon...more >>

My share - HSV2

8 and 1/2 years ago given to me by my ex who was a carrier - dont know if she knew she had it or not. First two years outbreaks accompanied by ultra sensitive skin round legs, stomach and back - felt ...more >>


In September 2014, I was getting headache for three to four days I normally got headaches, but not like this knew it was serious.Three days later, he was diagnosed with HIV it felt like I had a outer ...more >>

Journey so far

I was diagnosed Dec 18 2013 (what a way to end the year)when I went to register for Antenatal care. I was 5 weeks pregnant. I was devastated so shattered. But after I registered for treatment n ...more >>

Natural Treatment!

I was diagnosed 6 months ago and was devastated as I'm sure everyone reading this understand all to well. My first two outbreaks were so painful but dispite this I knew from the very beginning I wasn'...more >>

adhererance and compliancy to your hiv meds

I'm 67 years young and a long term survivor of HIV I was diagnose with the virus in 1989, since then I've been on somewhat roller coaster ride primarily regarding meds. since I've had the virus I've n...more >>

Who's to blame?

Years ago me and a girlfriend went to find out what the problem was. Once they gave the diagnosisi we looked at each other in a surreal mind state. Things never were the same because all I could do wa...more >>

The Perfect Formula For Staying Healthy!

It was 4 years ago that the HSV-2 paid me a visit and like the long lost relative, decided to hang around for a while! I received some good advice from my holistic doctor regarding treatment. Since...more >>

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