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Recently Positive

I abused IV drugs for many years. Discovered lymphnodes (wasnt sure what they were at the time) and went to a doctor. He ran blood test. 4 days later, the health department shows up to inform me I was...more >>

24 years

Positive sense June 1994 I hate pills I was very resistant about taking medication I waited and waited and so I couldn't wait any longer due to blood results. Basically this was in the days more peo...more >>

Can't say I'm living with anymore

Would appear I contracted this in my early 20s... Had a diagnosis at age 25 then they recanted saying it was a mistake so it was only at 43 that I was diagnosed again. In the mean time I had 3 kids (2...more >>

Its gone for the most part!

I remember the day I went to the doctor in 2002, when I was told the bad news. My life was pretty much over at that point. I would look at a beautiful woman knowing two thing: I can't talk to her and ...more >>

My experiences so far

Without going into a blaming or angry post about the diagnostic process, I have herpes type 1 but genitally and have had it just over a year. I don’t get many outbreaks but have when my body and mind ...more >>

Stay away from peanuts!!

I have genital HSV-1. It's very mild - never any pain or itching, just a little rosette of 4 or 5 pinhead sized blisters that disappear after a week or so. Three different doctors told me that my init...more >>

Fake Love VS Real Meaning

I was diagnosed in 2005 while running labs durning my second pregnancy. Its crazy how things pan out sometimes because the first pregnancy i got tested everything was clean so i almost decided not to ...more >>

Green Smoothie a day takes the herpes away

I was diagnosed with HSV2 and was devastated due to frquent worrying and stress about it i got outbreaks every other month about the same time that i had my periods in some cases i got outbreaks twice

Treatment of my condition

I was diagnosed with HSV-2 from the doctors office. I had a sore spring up and had only been with one woman for 7 years. The doctor gave me the results, I collapsed inside. Doctor sent me home with...more >>

Keep on living your life - don't be defeated!

Living with HSV-2 for 3 years. A particular female partner of mine was not upfront and obviously careless with her condition. I'm lucky in the fact that I've only had on breakout in the last year and ...more >>

I am who i am..

i have outbreaks every few months. mainly stay on a healthy diet workout 3 times and day and try to stay stress free. it is important to stay happy about yourself and continue to live the most healthy...more >>

My herpes

I've had this ten years. I think I'm a little lucky. I don't get outbreaks often, once a year. Mine doesn't hurt too bad, tho I get blisters. Still, this has adversely affected my life. I wouldn't be...more >>

Diet & Supplements Can Definitely Help

I am symptom free, and also I know my triggers. I have done a lot of research and experimentation with different types of treatments for HSV, and I will gladly share my findings so that others may pos...more >>


So I haven't had an out break in years now. I forget I have this thing. I guess I came back on here because I wanted to date someone vulnerable and insecure so I can feel better about myself, maybe...more >>

Think I found some hope

I have both types of herpes. I had gotten to the point where mega-doses of Valtrex just weren't cutting it. I am in to home remedies when I can, hate taking prescriptions. Anyway I was browsing one ni...more >>

Treating Herpes Naturally

After being diagnosed with HSV2 I didn't want to take regular meds from the pharmacy. I then searched for a natural treatment and found one that will prevent outbreaks. It is a supplement call Siberia...more >>

lucky me

i found out i had hpv when i came down with throat cancer. never heard of it before then it was stage 4 before i figured it out. took out 33 lymph nodes from one side of my neck along with the tonsile...more >>

It gets better and less frequent , especially with a healthier lifestyle and better diet.

My condition is apparently similar to many other's, it starts off bad, but eventually becomes less frequent. After having HSV for several years, my body has developed more efficient and effective mea...more >>

It came from nowhere.

Myself and partner back then. Had both never had anything. So it was quite the surprise when we found out both of us were suddenly hsv1 positive. There was no cheating on either side. So we came to t...more >>

The scare of my Life!

I had been feeling run down and tired for a while, but I assumed it was too much work. I felt tired but not exhausted. Around June 2013 went to upgrade my life insurance. Kept on feeling tired especia...more >>

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