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One day will there be a cure geez I am hoping

I have been positive for nearly 20 years now and I have to say it sucks, yep sucks big time. In 20 years the stigma is till the same. If there is so many people out there in this world why the heck is...more >>


Never played around ever, met a permanent partner lady been with her for10 years. Diagnosed positive after a bout of feeling lousy for over a year. Told her I was positive I sincerely believe she wa...more >>

I have a lovely pair of Coconuts

I got my first outbreak right after/during a Tinder hookup. some spotty madness to be sure. I went straight to the Doc to confirm and I apologized profusely to my Tinder hookup for putting her at risk...more >>

Courtesy Call

I received a phone call from my ex-boyfriend. We had been split up for about a year or so. He told me he was making a courtesy call in letting me know he was positive for HPV and that I needed to get ...more >>

She could have told me...

Found out I was positive 1 1/2 years after I married my second wife. What a shocker when I had this small blister down there. Went to the doctor and got the bad news...he visually told me I had herpes...more >>

Honesty is the best Policy

I contracted HSV from a person I was dating. She chose to sleep around one night and instead of being up front with me. She ended up contracting it and passing it along to me. Had she just been honest...more >>

Get antibiotics soon if you have gonorrhea

If you notice symptoms of gonorrhea like I did seek a doctors treatment as soon as possible. Symptoms I had were discolored discharge. I was given a shot and pills of antibiotics to cure this gonorrhe...more >>

Not-So Honest Marriage

I ended up getting herpes, after 3 years, from my husband. Well, ex-husband now. I didn't leave him because of the herpes, but I left because he was a cheater. At first I begged for him to stay, but t...more >>

The day my life changed

Let me start by saying my last HIV Neg test was July 2018. I remember the day, May 18th 2019. I met up with an old friend at her hotel room on a visit. We had unprotected sex that night and I remem...more >>

Treating HPV

I tried treating HPV warts below the belt with vinegar. Needless to say it didn't work and I ended up burning myself. It is best to see a doctor and let them apply a acid solution that will burn the H...more >>

Tazo Calm Chamomile Tea Bag for the Sores Stopped Pain

I had my first outbreak recently. I felt some discomfort around my genital, itching and some pain. I didn't know what it was yet but I had known Chamomile is soothing I brewed a Tazo Calm teabag and ...more >>


I was diagnosed in february and have had one outbreak. It was the most painful thing ive ever experinced in my entire life. I take my medication pretty regularly to avoid getting them and i try to sta...more >>

Treating Chlamydia

At the first sign of symptoms which are burning, and colored discharge. You must see a doctor as soon as possible to get diagnosed and treated with antibiotics. untreated infection of this kind can da...more >>

A glimpse of light through the darkness

One of the worst days of my life was the afternoon I finally gave in and reluctantly drove myself to the local Urgent Care center. In addition to the mental and emotional distress I had been suffering...more >>

A Way to Relieve Pain from Sores

For the last view months my doctors prescribed Valacyclovir 500mg for me to take, as well as Ibuprofen for the pain the sores gave me. However, for me I noticed that THC products / cannabis helps rela...more >>

No more OB’s

Have been living with HSV 1 and 2 for a little over one year. After six months, started getting painful genital OB’s one after the other. Thought I could manage it with a healthy diet alone but the ou...more >>

Surprise from the ex...

Ex was a nurse who decided her sexual health wasn't very important. Dated for a year and half, moved in together and a few months later I woke up to a full blown HPV outbreak down below. I freaked out...more >>

The total shock of it all

My husband had been in and out of jail for the last 8 years that we were married. We had 2 amazing children together and he blessed me with the gift of letting me raise his oldest son as mine. He ...more >>

Treating hpv

After contracting genital hpv I went to the doctor and the put acid onto the hpv. It did burn, but a week later they were gone. I had to go back several times so they could keep putting more acid on t...more >>

Not the end of the world.

Recently diagnosed BUT as you know, its not bad...especially with suppression medication. Just trying to find someone, now thats the only hard part lol of course it was because i trusted someone that ...more >>

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