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Living with this
I was diagnosed in 2009 with hsv 2 by a blood test. I went to get tested for all stds after a relationship ended. When I got the test results I was in denial be...     For detail, click here.
how to keep from having outbrakes
I resently found out I have hsv- and that I had been living with it for almost 10 months an never knew or suspected anything because I never had a out brake( th...     For detail, click here.
Irregular pap
I first learned that I had HPV by getting a notice that my pap test showed "High Risk HPV". The piece of paper came in my mail on a Friday after work...     For detail, click here.
I went to a doctor after my first outbreak and she made fun of me and made me do the swab and std test because she would not touch me then told half the town by...     For detail, click here.
its been 7 years
I first got herpes abou 7 years ago. know exactly who gave it to me..i was very wor...     For detail, click here.