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Still Hope
A year ago I decided to go against my better judgment, and sleep with a guy who told me he had never been tested. "Once won't hurt, what are the odds?"...     For detail, click here.
I wont let it bring me down
I'm 25 and have been living with Herpes for 2 years. After a bad break up I crawled into bed with an old friend. Little did I think I should be playing it safe,...     For detail, click here.
Yes, I have it...but IT doesn't have me!
During a physical, I mentioned to my doctor that I'd noticed small bumps "down there" which itched. A test revealed that it was herpes, and that it'd...     For detail, click here.
Dead Already?
I went to the doctor to finally get the results of my lab. He just came out with it "your HIV results came back repeatedly reactive (positive)"... in ...     For detail, click here.
Got HPV2 from a boyfriend with HPV1 orally.
I was so hurt when my Dr. called me back in to give me the lab results. She said, you have HPV2. At first, I wanted toblow my boyfriends head completely off his...     For detail, click here.