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Homemade Sore Cream
When I first found out I had hsv I confided in my aunt, only to find out she had it also. She recommended I break open a Benadryl capsule and mix it with a ...     For detail, click here.
It does get better...
I contracted herpes 15 years ago when my live-in boyfriend cheated on me. It was tough at first but as the years have passed, I've realized how small this probl...     For detail, click here.
High priced is not necessary
When I found out I had herpes a year ago, I insisted on Valtrex even though the MD said there was no need if I were not active or in a break out. I have never ...     For detail, click here.
treatment without prescription drugs!
I rarely get outbreaks, but when I do I have discovered a new treatment option that does not involve prescription medication....     For detail, click here.
Getting it together
I dont get ob's that often, only when i'm really stressed. but when i do get an ob they are awful. Never oral ob, but down there they can be very troublesome....     For detail, click here.