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Beating HPV
I (36yo male) contracted HPV from a partner (31 yo female) I was with for 3 months. I was sharing a house with a doctor (a good mate also) who alerted me to a w...     For detail, click here.
Genital Warts
I had a few genital warts back when I was a teenager (15+ years ago). Not sure how or when I got them, they just appeared one day almost like out of nowhere, th...     For detail, click here.
I contracted herpes about two years ago from a man who told me he had been tested for everything. I actually believe him and think that he may be a carrier who...     For detail, click here.
No cure yet but it's easier to live with now.
I'm a 64 yo male and contracted genital Herpes prior to 1983 when I was diagnosed. It only attacks me when stressed or my energies are low. I was married for 22...     For detail, click here.
one in every three people have some kind of herpes virus......
Well, I contracted it at the age of 20. Its now been 7 years living with it, and I dont take medicine or any other treatments. I have always told everyone t...     For detail, click here.