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which clinics
i have tested positive recently and my health is not doing good , i seriously need help on how to improve my health, pls advise on     For detail, click here.
hope not lost
IV been diagnosed with h last October. Had about two outbreaks. Really investigated herpes and came along this website never an outbreak. It teaches u to use st...     For detail, click here.
Keep on living!
Pretty devastated when I found out, but getting over it and learning to deal with it. I try and exercise as much as possible, eat right (but I slip with the die...     For detail, click here.
whats done is done
I've had for 20 years if I worry or stress about anything I bring on a outbreak so I try very HARD not to get over worked about anything I have an outbreak ever...     For detail, click here.
coping with the dreaded cold sore
I have dealt with the cold sores since i started college. i hate them just as much as the rest of us do and wish they could go away forever but unfortunately i...     For detail, click here.